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Toilets And Things

It is a truly disgusting, almost vile experience to walk into a bathroom and see a toilet where someone - or more than one someone - has clearly missed the toilet.  I wonder how people can just go in there, the main bathroom in my house and use the facility, ignoring this junk?  I have cleaned that toilet 3 times this week. I have asked everyone to pitch in and help keep it clean - nothing. 

I have my own bathroom.  I don't have urine all over the toilet. If these people want to live like that, so beit.  I will post another message up in there anyway.  Cleaning up someone else's urine is hardly my idea of fun an entertainment.  I have considered on and off the idea of charging everyone for their lack of helping out.  My Craigslist ads make it exceedingly, crystal clear that any potential tenant IS to help clean up, especially in the bathroom. 

I have definitely decided on moving the ponds around.  This will require a lot of work - most notably more digging.  I have to pull t…