Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toilets And Things

It is a truly disgusting, almost vile experience to walk into a bathroom and see a toilet where someone - or more than one someone - has clearly missed the toilet.  I wonder how people can just go in there, the main bathroom in my house and use the facility, ignoring this junk?  I have cleaned that toilet 3 times this week. I have asked everyone to pitch in and help keep it clean - nothing. 

I have my own bathroom.  I don't have urine all over the toilet. If these people want to live like that, so beit.  I will post another message up in there anyway.  Cleaning up someone else's urine is hardly my idea of fun an entertainment.  I have considered on and off the idea of charging everyone for their lack of helping out.  My Craigslist ads make it exceedingly, crystal clear that any potential tenant IS to help clean up, especially in the bathroom. 

I have definitely decided on moving the ponds around.  This will require a lot of work - most notably more digging.  I have to pull those ponds back out anyway to find out which one is leaking and where.  The much larger pond will back in place of those 2 small ponds and then I will decide how I want it set up after that.

However, the waterfall takes priority. It must be finished before I start anything else.  So, in a little while, I am headed out there to start on the waterfall assembly itself.  Take it back, it doesn't have to be totally finished, it just has to be up and operational.  The aesthetics of the falls concerning the block can be dealt with when I have the materials to make it into what I want it to look like. 

It is starting to get warm late mornings to late afternoons.  Expected and dreaded. 

Temporary tenant?  No clue.  I have no idea if he's leaving tomorrow or not.  He isn't here - I would like to ask him so I can know whether to write up another Craigslist ad or not. 

He gave me 4 sheets that were filled out with stamps from Starbucks the other day.  One of his clients gave them to him, he doesn't drink coffee.  Yes, I went to Starbucks and got the coffee and yes, I have been sitting here this morning enjoying some exceptionally fine cups of coffee - I would not normally buy this stuff for myself, too expensive.  It was a nice guessture - 4 pounds of that coffee?  Dunno what Starbucks charges for it, again, I'm sure it's more than I would normally be willing to pay for a pound of ground up coffee beans.

Trailer tenants took the queen sized mattress, scrubbed it with a light bleach solution, spent their first night sleeping on it.  I'm imagining a far greater sleeping experience on a regular, pillow-top mattress versus sleeping on an air mattress that continues to pop leaks all over it.  Basically, sleeping on a hard, wood floor.

The trailer itself is far from done, but I lost interest.  Meaning I have other things I want to do around here besides spending all my free time working on that thing.  However, I am now going to focus on getting some carpet for it - just plain, wood floors in there right now.  Free carpet, that is.  I am not spending money on that thing at this point and don't have any plans to. I ALREADY shelled out some dough on that thing, it's out of budget at this point and for them, apparently it is livable enough.  In fact, electricity takes precedence over most things on the lower end of the budget.  Though I would hardly call $400 - $450 per month "low" in terms of shelling out the bucks to keep the AC on and keeping it cool in here. May's use is going to be around $330, June's use can add at least $100 more. 

It doesn't help that SRP continually seems to be able to crank through rate increases on it's customers by making appeals to the corporation commission who seem to just give them carte blanch on rate increases.  I will remember that at the voting polls.  They are making ENOUGH money and we are in a recession, point made and enough said.

It's still somewhat early - 8:35AM - would like to get out there and get some of the rocks into position and cemented into place before it starts getting warm.



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