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3-day weekends are always nice.
I either mis-heard the temporary tenant or his speech was abiguous - he left yesterday, not next week. 
When I realized he was leaving, I immediately placed an ad in Craigslist - with no response.  So I wrote another one today.  I will write yet another one this evening.  He did enjoy his stay here - I asked a few times if everything was okay. 
I never did learn his story - what was going on with him or what - he didn't offer and it was obvious he didn't want people poking into his personal affairs, so I left it alone.  But, he did say he would keep my number when the need arose again. 

I was playing with mud today.  Mortar mud, that is.  Oh how I wish I could just build the thing - waterfall that is - and get it over with.  It doesn't work that way, at least not how I see it. I have no idea how professionals do it - or if they even do do such a thing in one day. I can't see how without possibly compromising the structural integrity o…