Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm walking out the door, down the driveway beside my house - as I am want to do every morning - Great Danes in tow - actually beside me.  It's rather humorous to be able to walk and pet your dogs at the same time.  Lol.  The guy comes out of the trailer, I thought he was drunk at first, then I remembered he doesn't drink.
No, definitely not drunk, more like agonizing pain.  He looked BAD.  I asked him what's wrong with him, he said he was going back to the hospital.  I asked him how he was getting there - bus.  He's going to take a bus to a hospital that is 20 miles away like that?  I informed him that as bad as looked and sounded, he might want to consider calling an ambulance.  I do not have the time to drive that far out of my way in the morning, or I would have taken him there myself.  For some reason, they tell him to go to the Banner hospital in far east Mesa instead of the nearest hospital.

Those people live a rough life, that's all I can say about it.  Especially considering his age, in his mid 60's I believe. 

Well, anyway, it's already Wednesday and I am planning on turning in paperwork to ask for the entire week of the Independence Day holiday off.  Perfect time of year to not work: in the middle of the hot summer.  I don't care if it's another staycation, I have the hours, I want the time off. Also concerning, work, I was hoping for at least some consideration in filling the now-vacated inside salesman position - the guy moved to Pennsylvania I think  - they are not going to fill the position, instead they are simply going to dump his work off on to others. 

I'm looking at pics of waterfalls attempting to determine how to build the top of the thing.  I have yet to decide.  I am just going to go home today after work, make a form for a small pool at the top, mix and pour the cement and see what I end up with.  The cost?  A bag and a half of cement lost if it isn't what I want.

Well, anyway, the work day approacheth.   A man showed up shortly after I arrived at work this morning and sort of ate up my pre-work, off the clock time for a part he needed - which means 6:00am is almost here.



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