Thursday, June 3, 2010


So, will North Korea also fire a torpedo at the giant carrier that the U.S. is considering sending to the same waters where the South Korean ship was hit, sank and killed 40 plus seamen?

One would hope not. 

Brewer is in Washington to meet with Obama, I hope she keeps her wits and guts with her and is not intimidated by a smooth-talking man that knows how to manipulate very well.  I think she has a lot of muster within, I hope it continues. 

As for me, well, my daily workings on the waterfall have not stopped in over a week running now.  At least.  I poured the first portion of the small pool at the top of the falls. That was the bottom of it.  Today I am thinking of putting up forms to pour sides for it for leak containment.  It's getting closer to being done is all I can say about it.  I was looking at a website where some folks were building a huge waterfall for their giant pond - they simply put a liner on the ground and stacked the rocks up from the bottom of the falls upward. 

I can't really do that with a small pond, the thing would just fall apart and - well - I am liking what I am seeing so far anyway. 

I think I have landed another temp tenant coming into town for a week.  Won't be sure about that until this person shows up. I have had 3 people call about the room in the last 24 hours.  Hopefully one of them is a show.

Lots of work in today's truck routing system, in fact, the last 2 days were very busy and today looks to be no different.  Which is good - I like being busy, not having lull times and staying busy until it's time to go home.

Which is the end of this short entry (for me, anyway), as the work day is almost here and there are a few more news stories I want to read.



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