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Various Things

I finally ended up filing a complaint against my next door neighbor.  He has a 40 foot long, behemoth travel trailer that is sitting from the front of his property to the side of his house to into his backyard.  I didn't care much when it was IN his back yard, but this thing has been totally blocking my view of the street and anything west for months now.  He left town and left it that way.  I can't possibly imagine why he thinks his neighbors want to be subjected to such s***.  Again, if he would have left the thing in the BACK yard, I wouldn't have cared.

The older lady across the street?  I had a conversation with her yesterday.  She frankly stated her health is going down, she can't take care of the house or live alone anymore, she is trying to sell her property and get out of town - literally - moving up to where her family lives in Utah.  I feel bad for her, the only thing I can do is pray.  She has cancer, she is taking medications that are dragging her down.



I dunno, but from my angle, after they cut that pipe under the ocean, it looks like a LOT more oil is gushing out of there now.  This will be an unparalled ecological disaster by the time this is done.  BP will end up going bankrupt if this goes on much longer, it will cost too much money to clean all of that junk up all over the place.  Okay, I don't know that they're going bankrupt, but even a company that large has finite resources.

So,  how do you form the top of a man-made waterfall to make it look a little like it wasn't - man-made?  Any way you please, apparently.  I have looked at pic after pic after pic, the most common method is to simply put a giant, flat rock over wher the water line is going to pump water into it.  Not exactly what I want to do, but I may end up doing it for lack of a better idea.  Regardless, phase 2 of the pool of water at the top is done, the final phase should occur today. 

Which doesn't mean the falls itself will be done, just the po…