Saturday, June 5, 2010


This will be a short entry.
The heat is here.  107 today, 110 tomorrow.
I didn't get moving outside of the house until well after noon today.
I did get the lower pond drained.  Only 2 of the mosquito fish found.  The Plecostomus?  His body - dead or alive - nowhere to be found.  The rest of the mosquito fish bodies?  Again, nowhere.  Strange stuff.
I found 2 of them alive, caught them and transferred them to the large pond.

Did NOT get started on the second pond and did nothing with the waterfall today. I simply did not feel like it. I am not acclimated to the heat  yet - I have to do that every year and it is usually a 2 week or near process.
I will get more done on the waterfalls tomorrow, yes, but now the other pond has to be drained and I want to do that first, even if I get nothing done on the falls. 

Mark, the trailer tenant, is still in the hospital.  Coming home tomorrow. He was given options:  Nursing home or in-home treatment.  I have no idea why, they decided for in-home treatment. Well, I have been in nursing homes - MANY times over - some of them are miserable places.   He is eliglible for Social Security payments and they were, ironically, headed for that office - planned anyway - the day his health went back down.  I suspect when he starts getting that money they will disappear. No problem, I was only trying to keep them off the streets.

That's it.  I have more, but it's getting late for me and I don't really want to go into all of it right now.



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