Sunday, June 6, 2010


It was 110 degrees outside today.
I was out in it.
Hiding from it - by staying inside - serves me no purpose as my job keeps me outdoors quite a lot and also a lot of stuff I have to get done around here is also out doors.
Both ponds are out of the ground. 
The lower pond has been thoroughly cleaned and yes, there is a leak. 
I have neither cleaned nor checked the upper pond for leaks yet.
Tomorrow - probably.  All fish and plants are in the large pond which is doing nicely in it's current position.
I continued work with the waterfall - though - mixing cement in that kind of heat is really not the greatest idea.  It dries quickly and is hard to work with.
Regardless, I have only to coat the entire inside of the pool with mortar and it will be just about done. 
Since there was nothing but an open hole below the falls, I filled the pool up with water and watched the water flowing over the rocks. 

The trailer tenants came back today.  My phone was ringing with people from the hospital, a delivery service and a nurse.  Hospital asking if Mark had made it back; delivery service showing up with a huge supply of syringes and medication; nurse wanting me to have them call her after they arrive.  He has 2 tubes with valves sticking out of his arm.  They are pumping anitibiotics into him.  With the large amount of medication and syringes, I'm guessing they are going to have him on that stuff for quite a while - and then - he has to go back for yet ANOTHER surgery.

Crazy stuff.

Trip to Walmart on Friday, forgot to report about this one.  I went into the Walmart by my work to get a new pair of jeans and miscellaneous.  I always go to the deli counter - Walmart probably has the best prices around on deli meats, however, actually GETTING the stuff is usually a chore.  I ask for a pound and a half of turkey breast sliced for sandwiches.  The man says great, yes.  Okay.  He gets done slicing the turkey and then gives me an odd look.  I have started no trouble, have been very congenial, what's up?  He explains to me that they "ran out of plastic baggies" and will wrapping it up in saran wrap be okay?

I must have given him an odd look as well. Walmart sells plastic baggies, if they run out, they could just use their own product until they get more, not try to churn out some chincey results.  I did not reply with what was going through my mind, I had no desire to start trouble and just said yes.  Wrapping and wrapping turkey?  Not a happening event, it is in a baggie that I have now supplied myself.  I was wondering if perhaps these people are not allowed to think for themselves and do what needs to be done instead of coming up with half-@$$ed solutions.  I imagine they are not empowered to do such and make such decisions.  Yes, I could have called for a manager and forced the issue, again, wasn't really desiring such.

Well, this entry is done, because I am going to bed to - go to work in the morning, of course.  It will the the first really hot day at work with expected temps around 110. Fun fun.



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