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It was 110 degrees outside today.
I was out in it.
Hiding from it - by staying inside - serves me no purpose as my job keeps me outdoors quite a lot and also a lot of stuff I have to get done around here is also out doors.
Both ponds are out of the ground. 
The lower pond has been thoroughly cleaned and yes, there is a leak. 
I have neither cleaned nor checked the upper pond for leaks yet.
Tomorrow - probably.  All fish and plants are in the large pond which is doing nicely in it's current position.
I continued work with the waterfall - though - mixing cement in that kind of heat is really not the greatest idea.  It dries quickly and is hard to work with.
Regardless, I have only to coat the entire inside of the pool with mortar and it will be just about done. 
Since there was nothing but an open hole below the falls, I filled the pool up with water and watched the water flowing over the rocks. 

The trailer tenants came back today.  My phone was ringing with people from the hos…