Monday, June 7, 2010


I was a little amazed this morning to see that we "only" used $14.50 worth of electricity yesterday.  I say that because previous days were not near as hot as yesterday, yet the amount used went up only marginally for the additional cooling.  SRP raised it's rates - again - I expected the amount to go up.  I am pretty much just dumping cash onto the power card to keep the meter running.  Which is putting a strain on paying everything else.  Last year, June was the highest month use for electricity - I was looking at a readout of previous 1-year's worth of electric consumption. 

SRP wrote me back after I requested to be put on the payment plan where you pay an equalized amount every month and told me I was better off waiting until October, that to start in June would have a "very high amount assessed per month because of the increased usage and not having" whatever, data apparently to forecast what I will be using in any given year's time.  Whooptdy doo.  Guess I'll wait. 

I'm hoping, changing the subject, that the temporary guy stays one more week.  Another little bit of money dumped directly onto the power reader would be extremely helpful.  If/when miss Army Reservist gets back, I will be informing her that I won't be doing that again - attempting to help her out while she's on some active military training exercise.  It's too hard and right now, the money coming in is of utmost importance.  I do hope she comes back - I don't have to try to find another tenant.

"Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist."
Those are some pretty dire words right there.  Pretty much a lot of the Islamic word apparently thinks that way as well.  Of course, the U.S. is the "great satan" so we're right in line for death and destruction as well.  I was simply reading the on-going plight with Israel and the situation on the Gaza strip.  I have no real opinion on the matter excepting that Israel definitely has the right to defend itself but at the same time, those people that are hungry on the strip need food.  I would like to hope that Israel takes that ship full of humanatarian aid they just captured and send all of it over there - starving people do not need to be on the receiving end of a nation's campaign to keep weapons and missiles out of a place that wants to do them harm.  Keep whatever weapons they find, all well and good, but send the food on it's way over there, however they want to do that.

As for me, the work day approaches and there is, thankfully, a pretty full day's worth of stuff in there to do .



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