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I was a little amazed this morning to see that we "only" used $14.50 worth of electricity yesterday.  I say that because previous days were not near as hot as yesterday, yet the amount used went up only marginally for the additional cooling.  SRP raised it's rates - again - I expected the amount to go up.  I am pretty much just dumping cash onto the power card to keep the meter running.  Which is putting a strain on paying everything else.  Last year, June was the highest month use for electricity - I was looking at a readout of previous 1-year's worth of electric consumption. 

SRP wrote me back after I requested to be put on the payment plan where you pay an equalized amount every month and told me I was better off waiting until October, that to start in June would have a "very high amount assessed per month because of the increased usage and not having" whatever, data apparently to forecast what I will be using in any given year's time.  Whooptdy doo…