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Walmart's Piss-Poor Customer Service

Yes, another - lame - adventure at Walmart today.
I was in there today looking for an oscillating fan  a cheap one thank you - for the female tenant's room who was wanting one. 
I was distracted by the deli counter -got some ham, Pet center, got some more dog food.  The fans are in the far back corner of the store. 
I look at every fan there and decide on a metal fan, it was listed at $18.00. 

Take my stuff up front, buy it, thought the total was too high, I was charged $36.00 for this fan. 
I go back to the back.  There are no other fans like this one any where in that area.  The place I took that fan from? It was the only fan there.  I didn't know what to think.  I look very carefully for another of these fans somewhere else - I KNOW how Walmart functions, I don't want to look like an idiot.

No, no other fans like this one.  I call for a manager.  He comes up - didn't look like a manager, wasn't dressed much like one, either.  I show him the situation.  He sa…


First off, the goldfish were getting it on last night.  Lol.  These are big goldfish, well big enough anway.  Almost 7 inches long, thick and just large critters.  They are totally enjoying the bigger pond, that much is for sure.  I have no idea the time between the act and actually something coming out of the female - have to look that one up, don't wannt upset the enivronment by draining the pond, taking them all out of there and putting them back into the smaller ponds to be able to fit the large pond into the ground.  That's exactly what I have going to have to do - sooner or later here.  One thing, though, the water is staying cool - well cool enough - even though the temps have turned up the heat.  So, there is no great hurry to move the pond if this little fishy is going to have more little fishies - I would rather wait and see what happens than to potentially upset the possibility of more free fishies.

Next, I'm reading about a stowaway on a privately owned jet!  T…