Thursday, June 10, 2010


Weeklong vacation was approved yesterday.
Meaning the 4th of July week I will not have to show up to work : )
I am having a problem with a seller on eBay.
I haven't had problems with sellers, for the most part, in a long, long time, so this sort of is getting to me.
I paid for a bio filter on eBay some 2 weeks ago now and haven't received the product.  I have sent the person 5 messages with absolutely no response whatsoever.
Fortunately, my purchase is protected - meaning I can get my money back - all of it - through eBay's protection program.
I just sent him a final message: if you don't reply to me by the end of today or if the product doesn't arrive, I will be initiating a resolution complaint through eBay and will be leaving extremely negative feedback.  This kind of thing irks me, especially considering this seller has a high feedback rating and has 72,000 plus transactions under their belt.  I NEED that filter  - there are others for sale on eBay for slightly more - but my money's tied up with this jerk.  This particular filter us a UV light in it that basically does away with algae problems.  Low wattage and very effective. There is another seller that is actually selling the same exact thing for $2 more. 

I'm still amazed that there hasn't been more press than there has about this situation on the border with Mexican soliders - or Federales - pointing guns at both the U.S. Border patrol AND the FBI.  Our nation's leader appears to have a nuzzle on his mouth.  I'm sorry, but I do believe a response from the U.S. is definitely in order, especially after listening to this Mexican president mouthing off for some time now about AZ's new immigration bill, how we should do away with certain guns and dressing down our nation's leadership in their own hall.  I can imagine other president's from the past would have already redressed both Mexico AND it's president by now.

Whatever.  I have a delivery this morning that's about 50 miles from the branch.  This delivery is worth all of $358, lol.  You figure the costs of paying me and running the semi for that distance?  This delivery is a loss.  Hey, I'll deliver to Maryland if they want me to, doesn't bother me, I just hate seeing the company losing money on such deliveries that are, in this case, with a contractor that is always ordering small amounts of material and having us deliver it that far away.

Well, at least it will be a nice drive : )

With that, I must be offa here!

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