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Weeklong vacation was approved yesterday.
Meaning the 4th of July week I will not have to show up to work : )
I am having a problem with a seller on eBay.
I haven't had problems with sellers, for the most part, in a long, long time, so this sort of is getting to me.
I paid for a bio filter on eBay some 2 weeks ago now and haven't received the product.  I have sent the person 5 messages with absolutely no response whatsoever.
Fortunately, my purchase is protected - meaning I can get my money back - all of it - through eBay's protection program.
I just sent him a final message: if you don't reply to me by the end of today or if the product doesn't arrive, I will be initiating a resolution complaint through eBay and will be leaving extremely negative feedback.  This kind of thing irks me, especially considering this seller has a high feedback rating and has 72,000 plus transactions under their belt.  I NEED that filter  - there are others for sale on eBay for slightly…