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Strange stuff on the way to work.
The entire surface street I was driving one was shut down - couldn't see what was going on police were blocking the view.
Then, a mile down the road, there are dozens of police cars parked on both the street and in a shopping center.
There was a car in the middle of this center that had a huge, yellow tarp draped over one side of it and officials were peering in there.  On the other side of the car - it was totally TRASHED.  Someone died, that's what that means.  A bunch of people were standing around gaping.  It does tend to get the curiosity factor in a person going to see the carnage, but to stand around and hover for a view of the deceased?  Rather pathetic.  Wanna see a good dead shot?  They have a close up of that boy that was killed on the border. 

He basically had his head blown off, alright, from the look, his brains were scrambled and bled out the back of his skull.  They never used to show such graphic carnage in the past.  When yo…