Saturday, June 12, 2010


First, I went to the pond society meeting.  A man was there from  a liner production company giving a lecture on liners and what kinds to buy and what kinds not to buy.  Amazingly, he wasn't even trying to sell his own product.  Why?  Because his company only does very large liners dealing in commercial projects.  He was very knowledgeable, however, in all kinds of liners and how they apply to small ponds and what kinds you would want to buy versus the kinds you want to avoid.  I got a few free plants - I don't really need a lot more plants at this point, if any, but there were 2 types I don't have in my pond so what the heck, for free I wasn't going to turn them down.

Second, I came home, of course.  But tired.  I stayed up way too late last night.  I have been doing that lately on weekends and it takes it's toll since I am not used to such and really - do not want to revert to such.  Tonight I will be going to bed at 9:00 pm and that's that end of that. 

Third, even though tired, I still went out there to start digging out the ground for the pond only to realize the only way to do that is to have the pond shell there, setting it over everything, so I can figure out how I want it.  Considering how hard the ground is, it would be a waste of time to start blindly digging, guessing where it might go.  So, I finished work on the other pond that was already in the ground.  Cleaned it out, filled it up and checked for leaks.  That pond has no leaks.  One patch that I put in it still holding.  I will treat the water today and get a pump running through a filter, put some of the plants in there as well, but I am not going to transfer the goldfish in there until the treatments have a chance to take effect on the water.

The large pond water is now turning green already.  Even with treating it as often as I can according to directions on the treatment, the treatment is, basically, doing nothing to stop the algae.  Well, there is no sense in wasting money on product that doesn't work.  There is sense in getting a product that does work - a UV sterilizer.  I found the cheapest one I could find on eBay - and yes, the seller has a great feedback with very few negatives - with free shipping.  I checked this product out first, though.  I could only find one review online from a man who claimed he was very unhappy with it. 

Okay, what's up? He says the fitting on the thing are cheap junk and you will have to replace them.  Okay, a couple bucks worth of fittings, what else?  It doesn't come with a pump.  Okay, I expected that, I don't need a pump, I now have several.  Finally, after all of his whining, he says the thing works "excellent" in keeping algae out.  ????  This guy is trashing a product that he ends up saying works excellent, had a problem with the fittings and had to replace them.

Whatever.  When I get the thing, I will take it to Home Depot or wherever I need to go, find new fittings and then be done with it.  Or, according to this guy, you can bypass the fittings if you an use 1 inch pipe.  This guy's a nutcase, really.  BTW, 2 fittings, that's it. 

Lol.  That's it for me. I was doing laundry this morning and decided I better not be a hypocrite when I came back from the pond club to finish it - after 10:00AM.  I have imposed a moratorium on everyone else to not do laundry between 10 in the morning and 6 in the evening. I just wanted to get it done.  Oh well. 

That's about it.  I'm famished, hungry that is, going to think about what I am going to make myself to eat while still staying on a diet.


I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday already.  How does THAT kind of notion get into my head, skipping an entire day of the weekend?  I'm not really wishing Monday morning was here right now or anything like that. 
I'm contemplating whether I want to drive the distance to join up with the pond club this morning and check out what kind of people are involved with it and what kind of information I might be able to glean.  It's a bit of a drive to the house where it's being held at. 
I have less than 2 hours to decide.
The temp tenant showed up last night and handed me another week's worth of rent money.  Which is a very good thing, the money that is, I had no idea whether this guy was staying or leaving. 

In looking at and listening to the world of Mexico and Mexicans speaking from that side of the border, would you feel safe, as an American citizen, and especially if you happen to be white, in crossing the border and going over there?  White Arizonans are now being called White Supremists.  Anyone that stands for the Immigration bill is a racist.  This is the same type of thinking that went on during the presidential campaign: if you didn't like Obama, then you most definitely were and are a racist.  May I say right here that I do NOT like Obama, did NOT like Obama from the get-go, and may I also include that I am definitely NOT a racist?  I have black and Mexican people both visiting here frequently and LIVING here.  Most racists do not have the race that they hate  - living with them in their own house.

It's just pure grand-standing.  The people that are against the bill have given no logical reason for their stance.  They assume racial profiling, or "let me see your papers", that's that.  Well, if you get pulled over for a traffic stop, what are you going to have to show the police anyway?  Your "papers". 

In a different place at a different time of my life, I would be staunchly against such actions.  In this day and age, and faced with illegals moving into every state in the union - or at least on the continental 48 - sucking our system dry - I have no probelm with it.  Oh, and let's just do this to stop the mouths of the people who continue to say: "what does illegal look like": Just question EVERYONE that is pulled over, stopped, whatever.  Am a big fan of this idea? No, not really.  But if people are going to continue to shoot their mouths about this, then just make it an across the board deal.  Of course, then these opposition groups will come out with some other far-out reason to oppose it: I'm sure the words Nazi Germany will be included in that equation. 

I just walked outside.  There is a cold front that has come through - a cold front in June in the Sonoran Desert?  What's going on here?  I thought we were in the middle of global warming?  It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL out there.  The pond water is cold - maybe too cold.  Well, the fishies are moving around all over the place so I guess that isn't a big issue with them.  I had thoughts of not going to the pond meeting and start digging out there instead, but, no.  I am going to go to the meeting, check it out, meet new people, ask questions, see what becomes of it. 

With that, I must be gittin' outta here, cause' I have a 20 mile drive to get there plus I have to bring my own folding lawn chair.  You guessed it, I don't HAVE a folding lawn chair.  Kids broke the last one - which made me so incredibly mad that I gave all kinds of wonderful consequences for the stupidity of the action.  It wasn't on purpose, it was on "stupid". 

Anyway, talk to ya later.


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