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First, I went to the pond society meeting.  A man was there from  a liner production company giving a lecture on liners and what kinds to buy and what kinds not to buy.  Amazingly, he wasn't even trying to sell his own product.  Why?  Because his company only does very large liners dealing in commercial projects.  He was very knowledgeable, however, in all kinds of liners and how they apply to small ponds and what kinds you would want to buy versus the kinds you want to avoid.  I got a few free plants - I don't really need a lot more plants at this point, if any, but there were 2 types I don't have in my pond so what the heck, for free I wasn't going to turn them down.

Second, I came home, of course.  But tired.  I stayed up way too late last night.  I have been doing that lately on weekends and it takes it's toll since I am not used to such and really - do not want to revert to such.  Tonight I will be going to bed at 9:00 pm and that's that end of that. 



I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday already.  How does THAT kind of notion get into my head, skipping an entire day of the weekend?  I'm not really wishing Monday morning was here right now or anything like that. 
I'm contemplating whether I want to drive the distance to join up with the pond club this morning and check out what kind of people are involved with it and what kind of information I might be able to glean.  It's a bit of a drive to the house where it's being held at. 
I have less than 2 hours to decide.
The temp tenant showed up last night and handed me another week's worth of rent money.  Which is a very good thing, the money that is, I had no idea whether this guy was staying or leaving. 

In looking at and listening to the world of Mexico and Mexicans speaking from that side of the border, would you feel safe, as an American citizen, and especially if you happen to be white, in crossing the border and going over there?  White Arizonans ar…