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I intended this morning to go out and continue with the plan to move the fish and plants to the smaller ponds, get the bigger pond emptied and get to digging.

I was sidetracked by my desire to - clean, clean, clean.  This cleaning business went on for almost 4 hours.  I also put the styrofoam in the kitchen sliding glass door area - a noticeable improvement already as the western sun begins to hit that side of the house - but the direct heat is deflected back. 

I also got the bio filter I bought through eBay - it was supposed to be a bio filter with a built in UV sterilizer - going on the small pond.  No, I have no intentions on sending it back.  I AM going to try to get partial money back.  Actually, this seller apparently does not reply to anyone for anything.  He has 7 days to reply to my demand, if he does not, the investigation will take a new twist from what I can understand out of all of it.  Basically, it's a defendant that does not reply.  In court, that would mean a sum…