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So, some dude that appears to be mentally unstable has won the democratic nomination for running for senate.  Of course the dems don't like it because - this guy doesn't have a mouse's chance in a pit of vipers of coming out of the race alive - politically that is.  How can a man rig the polls?  I don't know that that's possible.  Did people just go to the polls and pick the first name that they saw? Probably.  They voted for him, now it's a done deal.  They are trying to conjure up ways to disqualify him and get someone else in there in his place. 

Whatever.  It's just rather amusing to see such going on.

I did almost nothing outside this weekend concerning any kind of work.  I needed a break from it, I've been going at it for quite a while.  Instead, I went crazy on inside cleaning which needed to be done, so it's not like I feel like I just wasted an entire weekend doing nothing.  I'm one of those people that I would not feel comfortable hav…