Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Dogs have diarhea.
Found that out going to the bathroom last night in the middle of the night and finding it all over the floor.
Dogs were quickly banished to the great outdoors for the rest of the night.
They were looking at me as if I were mean and evil this morning when I came out to go to work.

Ex-Marine tenant has given another move-out date.  He and his buddy are going to move into his buddy's parent's house after they leave for Alaska, which allegedly will be at the end of July.
The parents are letting the house go into foreclosure - they are going to live there for free.
Okay, well, I have no idea how long it is taking now to foreclose on homes, but one house I know of, there have been no payments made on it for 8 months now, I think, and it's still not been retaken by the bank. 

Whatever the case, that room is going to be harder to rent out again because it is unfurnished.  Yet, I don't want to have 3 full tenant rooms of furniture, so, it's probably going to stay unfurnished.  Even more, I think the carpet in there needs replaced.  11X13 room, nothing too grandiose, but still a couple hundred bucks worth of carpet if I recall carpet prices correctly. 

The eBay seller that sent me a product that isn't what was originally described in the auction - and had since changed the verbage in that auction AFTER I paid for the item - has not replied to eBay after I requested to open up a case.  If he does not reply, eBay will make the decision for him as to what will happen next. 

More "people" are trashing our new law: AZ SB1070 Immigration. This time some sort of mayor's group. 
Don't care, really.  Governor Brewer is apparently in this for the long haul, I'm all for it.  Even with all the national hoopla this bill has made, nothing is being done that I have heard in Congress to deal with this situation on a Federal level.  Oh, they can spend a trillion dollars that we don't have on healthcare, a charter that clearly does NOT fall on any governmental level as far as I'm concerned, but - they don't have 10 seconds to waste on securing our borders.

I hope they all get voted out.  I'm not a tea-partier (if they had made it a coffee party, I'm all in!), but it seems that grouping of people have made a far greater impact than Obama wanted to give them early on in his presidency.  He totally dismissed them, yet, here they are.  I had a long, drawn out conversation with a person representing the tea party some time ago, interesting ideas I'll put it.  I'm pretty much out there at this point, I don't align myself with any party.

I've cut my spending way back (yes, you can call this a rambling post if you want, I am going all over the place, but since this is my blog and my diary, regular readers should expect that I cover the universe of things as I see it or as things are going in my life at any particular point in time).  Electric usage is killing my finances and the struggle is on - for the entire summer.   I laid down the law on the thermostat: do NOT touch it, that means tenants.  Kids won't touch that thing regardless.  My styrofoam over the kitchen sliding glass door has made a vast difference in the kitchen already - it should help to keep the AC from starting up as much as the thermostat is right there, about 12 feet away from those doors, facing them. 

Female tenant - made dinner last night.  I wasn't even going to eat dinner, I was set on bypassing food altogether and wake up hungry this morning.  Well, hard to turn down good vittles and probably rude to do so, anyway, so I consumed the brat and potato mixture she had conjured up - pretty good stuff. Probably not too good for a diet, but oh well.  I have levelled out around 198/199 pounds and am going nowhere.  I resolved that I better do a week or so of EXTREMELY limited caloric intake, but - it just didn't work out that way yesterday. 

Well, work day almost here, gotta git offa here.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...