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Dogs have diarhea.
Found that out going to the bathroom last night in the middle of the night and finding it all over the floor.
Dogs were quickly banished to the great outdoors for the rest of the night.
They were looking at me as if I were mean and evil this morning when I came out to go to work.

Ex-Marine tenant has given another move-out date.  He and his buddy are going to move into his buddy's parent's house after they leave for Alaska, which allegedly will be at the end of July.
The parents are letting the house go into foreclosure - they are going to live there for free.
Okay, well, I have no idea how long it is taking now to foreclose on homes, but one house I know of, there have been no payments made on it for 8 months now, I think, and it's still not been retaken by the bank. 

Whatever the case, that room is going to be harder to rent out again because it is unfurnished.  Yet, I don't want to have 3 full tenant rooms of furniture, so, it's probably goin…