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eBay: I Won, Seller Lost!

Okay, so this morning, eBay asks me through the dispute forum after the seller FINALLY replied (and totally lied) if I want to escalate this.  Meaning, eBay decides for us what's going to happen.  Again, I wrote out, quite thoroughly, my "case" against this seller.  It was all provable - easily - eBay had only to verify the facts which are already there for them to see.

I get back on my eBay account about 3 hours later and they had already resolved the dispute and closed the case!!  They deposited the entire amount for the bio-filter back into my paypal account and didn't even ask me to send the filter back to the seller!!  This seller now has 32 negatives and I think it was 30 neutrals from buyers - for the last 30 days.  That's BAD stuff, right there, I don't care if he's selling thousands of items per month, a seller should never have that many negatives in that short of a period of time. 

I have myself partially to blame for this situation, even if …


eBay seller - who sent me something other than what the sale was for - finally reponded.  After what, almost 3 weeks?  He TOTALLY lies - saying that "we have no communication with this buyer".  Well, eBay can and will retrieve all FIVE messages I sent this idiot through eBay's system.  What a total ass this person is. I am going to write on the feedback for him a link to my ebay description of me and put the whole story on there.  But, not until eBay makes a decision.  If I end up stuck with the filter, at least it's a brand name one, it just isn't what the ad said it was, which is a bio filter WITH a UV light, not a bio filter WITHOUT a UV light. 

I escalated the thing to let eBay decide what to do.  What will they do? I have no idea, they give themselves 72 hours to come up with a solution.  I asked they cancel the guy's account, he has almost 30 negatives in the last month, that's a staggering amount of negatives for one, single seller.  Hey, you take…