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Yes, folks, it's Friday, that magical day of the work week where you know in a few hours, it's all done, you're going home (or wherever you may like to go after Friday work) and you get 2 days off.  The miracle of the weekend. 

Meanwhile, the eBay seller that attempted to give me the shaft continues to have negative feedbacks pouring in.  No surprise there. Some poor soul bought 2, separate items from this seller who found that both items were not as described OR pictured in the seller's auction.  Surprising that, either.  That's what he attempted to get away with with me.  He's a freaking scammer and I hope eBay continues to monitor that guy's activities and eventually put him out of business.  Anyway, the person that bought the items got their money refunded, yes, but that person had to pay to send the stuff back!! BS!!! 

Plans for the weekend:  Not sure yet. I have these ponds to deal with, I just haven't had any motivation to do much of anything o…