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I am feeling a bit better today, but not enough to actually want to do anything of any great energy output.
I did go out and start cutting back this ground crawling plant - whatever it is - that was growing over the top of other plants.  It will snuff out the life of other plants if you don't keep it in check, it simply keeps growing away from the center of the plant without limits, apparently. 

The Mobile Mexican Dinnermobile - what I call it anyway, happened to be coming by while I was out there. This is a person pushing a cart on wheels with all kinds of different Mexican delicacies on it - well,l just plain stuff that you would find anywhere in Mexico.  Yes, I've been to Mexico - hundreds of times actually, all over the nation, I am not speaking out of guessing or ignorance. 

Well, they have this stuff called elote.  Spanish for corn on the cob, basically.  They slather some kind of sauce on it, cover it with paremsan cheese and cover that with chili powder.  Oh, I have …

Cafe World Tips - 18: Zynga Is FINALLY Stopping The Cheating!!!

Hiya fellow chefs!  Some time ago, I started reporting cheaters on Cafe World.  These are people that are using bots and programs to hack into the game and "modify" it to allow them to do all kinds of things to increase gold coins, cafe points and food without having to DO anything.

My biggest complaint were some of my neighbors that are using Cheat Engine 5.5 to hack into the Cafe World program and create a setup where your dishes automatically prepare and cook themselves.  Known as a Cafe Clicker, the program is the ultimate in gaining HUGE Cafe points in a very short period of time. Of course it can do that, it's a computer software system, far more effective than any human can ever even think of playing the game.

I removed several neighbors that were using this cheat.  One of them went from level 44 to level 173 in about 2 months.  Just go ahead and try to do that on that game without cheating, GOOD LUCK.  I started searching the net for answers to how this guy could…