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Let's see here, concerning KCL - a place I rarely visit - I never said I was NEVER going back, I just stopped posting there.  I replied to a "bible thumping" whatever post on Blackbird's blog about gays and this and that - if gays want to be gay, how am I going to stop them?  Throw a bunch of religious words at them and hope that kind of attack is going to do anything?  The hate and vitriol coming from 1 particular person was palpable.  Another person piped up - a person that comes regularly to this blog for what reason I have no idea since he's involved in that grouping of people that, apparently despise me.  Is he looking for tidbits to pump into the message system at KCL and tell everyone that I am trashing KCL again?  This is the kind of words that come to mind from illogical, irrational people that are acting like 2 years throwing a temper tantrum on a grocery store floor. 

Let me just say to KCL - since I know you people come by here - again for what reaso…