Sunday, June 20, 2010


Let's see here, concerning KCL - a place I rarely visit - I never said I was NEVER going back, I just stopped posting there.  I replied to a "bible thumping" whatever post on Blackbird's blog about gays and this and that - if gays want to be gay, how am I going to stop them?  Throw a bunch of religious words at them and hope that kind of attack is going to do anything?  The hate and vitriol coming from 1 particular person was palpable.  Another person piped up - a person that comes regularly to this blog for what reason I have no idea since he's involved in that grouping of people that, apparently despise me.  Is he looking for tidbits to pump into the message system at KCL and tell everyone that I am trashing KCL again?  This is the kind of words that come to mind from illogical, irrational people that are acting like 2 years throwing a temper tantrum on a grocery store floor. 

Let me just say to KCL - since I know you people come by here - again for what reason I have no idea - that I will NOT stop visiting the site whenever I want to until, of course, you lock me out.  Then I will have no access to it - and really couldn't care less. I go for weeks at a time without shadowing the cyber doorstep of my blog on that site or anyone else's.  There are still a few people there that I like, which is why I was there in the first place.  When I saw the Bible Thumper post, I imagined that reading it would be good for entertainment purposes if nothing else - Bible and God haters are usually good for some entertaining reading - though, I suppose, you would have to have a different kind of sense of humor to see the humor in it.

I have been exposed to Chrisitian, Jesus, God and Bible haters for almost 3 decades now since becoming a Christian, there isn't anything anyone can say that I haven't already heard in terms of the hatred for God, the despising of those that love Him and the mockery that is generally prevalent with people that either don't believe in His existence or don't care (at least NOW they don't care, I'm sure that perspective will change, either in this lifetime or the next) one way or the other.  I've been in many situations in my missionary adventures where my life was threatened and there was no way out excepting divine intervention, a thing that I have seen many, many times over.  You see, whatever you believe, that's your business I suppose and all well and fine for you.  When you come to me and tell me God doesn't exist, or that he hates us, or whatever, I can only stand back and recite a passage of Scripture that has been evident in my life, over and over:  I can only speak of the things that I have heard and seen. 

That is concerning the things that God has done that I saw - or heard - mostly saw - that could not be explained away by some "magical force" or scientific theorem.  I can no more prove to you that He exists anymore than you can prove to me that He does not exist.  I can tell you my stories, but skepticism is a powerful, inner deterrent.  Only the Lord can break through a person that doubts or refutes His existence, I have nothing but to pray for such people. 

So, regardless of what anyone KCL thinks of me, I have no such ill feelings back towards them, including EF.  I am a very forgiving person, which obviously doesn't go both ways in this particular situation.  I'm okay with that, I am washed clean of holding grudges or hatred, she is not.  Carrying around that kind of baggage against a person - or perhaps a lot of people - will only drag you down and eventually, you are going to have to deal with it.  Bitterness is like cancer - it eats away at you slowly, little by little, it gets into the very core of your being.  To not deal with it - well - the results are pretty obvious. 

One of the keys to the Christian walk is forgiveness - if you don't forgive others their "trespasses and sins", neither will your Father in Heaven forgive you yours.  That portion of scripture enters my mind anytime I feel like I might be harboring something against someone.  Again, I won't be stopping my visits - here and there - to KCL anytime soon unless, as I already said, I am blocked from the site, which I have already invited them to do if they are so inclined. 

As for today, I am feeling much better and probably will delve into some sort of cleaning project around the house.  I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to go outside and do anything today - but I'm sure a trip out there to access the situation currently at hand will be made.  And anyway, the fish need to be fed.  I feed them twice a day.  It's not like I feel forced to go sit by my ponds and take in the sounds.  I have a couple of lilly blooms coming up, nice looking flowers.  My water hyacinth is slowly dying, I have asked a lot of people what I can do to save them, no-one had a good answer.  Many people said that it dies in their ponds too, others said it thrives in theirs.  I have looked on the net and saw something about nutrients and such.  I also found out they are not legal to bring into the State of Arizona.  Apparently, when they get into a waterway, they grow and grow and grow.  They are a floating plant with a very thick, long and dense root system.  When enough of them congretate in one place, they apparently disrupt the flow of water and choke out anything living in the water.  There are pictures in other countries of that stuff literally taking over entire waterways for miles and miles worth.

So, they are almost dead and since I found out that info - not being legal here - I don't really care if they die out anyway.  There are plenty of other water plants to take their place.  In fact, I have enough lillies and other plants in there that the "loss" of such is not going to make a difference anyway.  The point of having the Hyacinth is that those roots allegedly keep your water clear and clean.  No worries, the UV sterilizer is working it's magic on that pond that was solid green water and now I can see to the bottom again.  There is a film of algae down there, I don't know if it will get rid of that or not, but, I don't really care that much.  It's the water I wanted clear.  I don't think the fish do so well in putrid green water. 

Father's Day today.  I am going to make that dinner I was talking in my blog about yesterday - early afternoon I'm thinking.  I doubt I will go anywhere.  The end of the month is drawing nigh and I am quite curious about this Army reservist - is she coming back or not?  I have absolutely no idea.  I am going to run an ad - after I get done with this entry actually - to see if I can rent that room out for a couple more days or however long until she "gets back". 

In fact, I want to go do that right now.

G'day.  Happy Father's Day to those that are dads around the world!


Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...