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Cafe World Tip 19: Cafe Slow - Updated: Windows Registry

G'day to all the chefs.
This is going to be a much shorter entry about Cafe World - and the 3rd (at least) posting I have made about the Cafe running very slowly. 
First off, a recap on my other tips to speed up your computer and what might help:
1.  Defrag
2. Clear the Cache (frequently)
3. CHKDSK (check the disk)
4.  Reboot.
None of that worked today.  My cafe was running SO slowly, it was almost torturous.  I have competition in having a lot of neighbors and I want to keep ahead of all of them, having my cafe running so freakin' slow that I really can't play the game.
So, I tried restoring the registry to an earlier point a few days ago.  It worked magnificently - but didn't last.  Today, I did it again.  After doing all the rest of that stuff listed above, this was like a miracle.  My cafe was running at normal (awesome) speeds again!!
The following is how to do the operation - this is for Windows only, copied and pasted right off of Microsoft Support site (ver…


It was a strange (or more like: miraculous)  thing to wake up this morning and find absolutely NO kids in the house whatsoever.  The female tenant had her bedroom door open.  Dunno about you, but I find that to be very odd behavior at best.  Another female tenant used to leave her bedroom door open as well - and that turned into a very BAD situation.  The only thing I can say is that if a person complains about noise while leaving their bedroom door open, perhaps it's time to go find a new place to live. 

Whatever.  Tenant issues - as long as I have tenants, there will be issues.  The ex-Marine is leaving (stated anyway) at the end of next month.  Still no word on whether the Army reservist is coming back or not (however, she continues to have her mail sent to my house, I assume she is coming considering she also has a tax refund check sitting there waiting for her).  If she does not show, I'm returning all of that mail - a rather large stack of it - to sender. 

Regardless o…