Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Driving to work this morning.  Pass through an intersection.  Gas station coming up on right.  Pickup truck is driving down the center lane.  Pickup truck starts heading towards the gas station - on his left, my right.  I now have a pickup truck in my lane, coming directly at me.  This freak apparently thought he could somehow "beat" me.  Instead, I am slamming on my brakes and making evasive manuevers.  This pickup starts fishtailing and sliding all over the place.  I had no idea which way to go - to the left or right of him.  Experts say always head right, but he was going right and left.  I opted for the center lane - he guns it into the gas station, we BARELY miss each other. 

What a way to start a day.  News and my take.  The Times Square Bomber - the idiot that was going to blow up Times Square admitted his guilt "100 times over" and declares that we are going to be attacked - America that is - if we don't leave muslim nations alone.  The man is a traitor and should be treated as such.  I am quite serious when I say he should either be shot or hanged to death.  Anyone that can stand that brazenly in a court room and speak about our nation that way while at the same time having had attempted to end who knows how many lives through a bomb - yes, I believe that person to be a traitor, let him come to a traitor's death.

Fremont, Nebraska votes to make it illegal to rent to illegals or hiring them.  Of course, the ACLU has piped up, vowing to sue.  Okay, I expect that. But what happens if 100 communities do the same thing?  Does the ACLU have the resources to go suing 100 different communities?  Meanwhile, there are actual travel advisories in the southern portion of our state - Arizona - warning people that it is dangerous to be anywhere in that vicinity and you are probably going to save your life if you leave and leave now (my version of it).  Why are we fighting in Afghanistan, someone please explain this to me?  I know the original idea was to go in and find Osama bin Laden, but a war?  We have a war starting on our border.  The violence is escalating.  Now a local police force has been threatened by Mexican drug cartels.  That's AMERICAN police, not Mexican.  I ask the question again: WHAT is it going to take for this worthless Obama administration to get off their asses, make some decisions and get some HELP down here?

Call me a racist, I could care less.  This has nothing to do with bigotry or racism.  It is now, more and more, having to do with VIOLENCE enacted by these people WHO DON'T BELONG HERE. 

My diet is working.  I continue to say that because it is true.  It is sometimes VERY hard to keep driving by Wendy's, Burger King, McDonald's, Jack In The Box - all of them - and keep on driving on by.  When I'm hungry, well I used to stop wherever and try to find something that didn't have too much fat calories and junk in it.  Well, at all of those places listed above, none of them have anything actually good for you.  Even their salads are heaped with fat calories in the meat they put into it.  Heck, sometimes I just WANT a good ole' burger. Can't do it, not now anyway.  I now simply starve myself until I either find a Subway or I am going home from work for the day.  To date, Subway is the only place I know of where I can have the sandwich built to my specs.  I have been opting for oven roasted chicken for  a sandwich or tuna for the salad.  The tuna does home some calories in it, I'm not going to say it doesn't.  They are using mayo in the mix for it.

However, even with that, I have found that it is not negatively effecting my diet.  I just don't put any dressings on it and I don't have any cheese.  Yes, I am still on the no-cheese kick.  It was the single-most important thing that I eliminated from my diet that started to cause the turn-around in weight loss to occur.  I was looking at calorie content of mustard yesterday - zero calories.  If you can't have a thing you like on your sandwich, try something different, so I've been having them put mustard on it.  It's good, nothing great, but good.  That and red wine vinegar.

At home, I have discovered the virtues of using balsamic vinegar.  That stuff is really good on a lot of cooking ventures!!  I bought the cheap stuff, when I'm through with the current bottle I'm going to buy the good stuff. 
And, of course, I am giong to continue to search out tasty recipes - trying to get away from beef a bit more than I have.  Red meat - heart - not the greatest combo apparently.  I love chicken anyway.

Work day approaches.  Appalling - to me anyway - and on a final note - that the IRS is "considering" taxing money given to those that are being financially harmed by the BP oil spill. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


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