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Driving to work this morning.  Pass through an intersection.  Gas station coming up on right.  Pickup truck is driving down the center lane.  Pickup truck starts heading towards the gas station - on his left, my right.  I now have a pickup truck in my lane, coming directly at me.  This freak apparently thought he could somehow "beat" me.  Instead, I am slamming on my brakes and making evasive manuevers.  This pickup starts fishtailing and sliding all over the place.  I had no idea which way to go - to the left or right of him.  Experts say always head right, but he was going right and left.  I opted for the center lane - he guns it into the gas station, we BARELY miss each other. 

What a way to start a day.  News and my take.  The Times Square Bomber - the idiot that was going to blow up Times Square admitted his guilt "100 times over" and declares that we are going to be attacked - America that is - if we don't leave muslim nations alone.  The man is a traito…