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So, Mexico is going to sue Arizona, aye?

Good, let the lawsuits being. First, let’s sue Mexico for not stopping the flows of illegals coming from their borders over into ours. The suit will be for the money it is costing us to deal with it – if ever so ineffectively as it currently stands. It’s just a ridiculous notion that another country is suing a neighboring country for that neighboring country’s, state’s, laws. They have absolutely ZERO iota business sticking their nose into our own internal affairs and I hope whatever documentation that are attempting to pass through the courts is simply thrown out.

However, in today's news, a real concern to me is Iran's plan to send a "blockade busting ship" to the Gaza strip.  Does Iran believe Israel is simply going to roll over and play dead when that ship attempts to go through there?  Is this going to be the official end to the word war and beginning of a real war between Israel and Iran?   There is NO way Israel can le…