Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So, Mexico is going to sue Arizona, aye?

Good, let the lawsuits being. First, let’s sue Mexico for not stopping the flows of illegals coming from their borders over into ours. The suit will be for the money it is costing us to deal with it – if ever so ineffectively as it currently stands. It’s just a ridiculous notion that another country is suing a neighboring country for that neighboring country’s, state’s, laws. They have absolutely ZERO iota business sticking their nose into our own internal affairs and I hope whatever documentation that are attempting to pass through the courts is simply thrown out.

However, in today's news, a real concern to me is Iran's plan to send a "blockade busting ship" to the Gaza strip.  Does Iran believe Israel is simply going to roll over and play dead when that ship attempts to go through there?  Is this going to be the official end to the word war and beginning of a real war between Israel and Iran?   There is NO way Israel can let that ship go through there, period.  It would give Iran all that much more the belief that they can simply roll over Israel.  It's guaranteed that if Iran really does send a ship through there, the entire world is going to be watching.  I imagine U.S. ships being not too terribly afar off, either.  Far enough to not be involved in the engagement, close enough to - be ready for whatever.  No, this is troubling news at best. 
Diet.  I'm stuck around 195 pounds.  This has happened 2 or 3 times now on this diet - get to a plateau and then figure out how to bust through it. Usually a few days of starvation are involved.  Today I will try eating half a sub sandwich instead of the full sized thing and probably having a light, chicken based meal late this afternoon.  The goal will be to shed another 7 pounds and get my body back into the 180 range.  If I do that, I will throw myself a little party.  Lol.  189 - that's the next goal, get it to 189.  I definitely have the motivation.  Plus, it's hot and I lose my appetite when I'm outside working.
"Good Samaritan".  That's what the ad said on Craigslist.  2 people came into town, one of them is going to sign up with the Navy, they need a place until Saturday when they are getting their own apartment and will be able to pay whoever for the days they spent at their house.  I bit.  Why not? If they pay, great, I got 5 or 6 more days worth of room rental out of it, if they don't, then I lose a bit of water and electric use.  Gruesome as it sounds, I like to give a sidebar to these temporary people: there are guns in the house, if you intend on being the next Craigslist killer, intend on dying while attempting it.  I say it sort of jokingly, but I do say something to that effect.  The ex-Marine has a gun that will do the Dirty Harry "blow your head clean off" style.  I have a much smaller gun - but - a gun is a gun.  The only problem with these people is the fact that they showed up so late.  I was ready to go to bed, and actually did.  Had to show them the whole rigarmoroo and get full names and ID and all that junk.. .....yes, I want ID in case they do something I have at least something to give to police besides video surveillance footage. 
My weeklong vacation is starting to appear on the horizon.  The end of work next Friday will be the beginning of it, the end of it will be returning to work 10 days later.  I have no plans, it's definitely a staycation considering my financial situation - doesn't bother me.  I haven't taken serious time off in several years now.  A couple here, 3 there, yes, but a good, week's worth of no work?  I need it.  I mean, I might take Caleb and some friends to Big Surf - both Caleb and I love that place.  Ride the waves all day long on rafts and crash over top of people, it's great fun.  The only bad part is at the end of the day and your skin is all chafed and bruised because of the collisions.  I do wear a t-shirt, though, to keep from getting sunburned.  Of course, Caleb should be starting his new job anytime now, I have no idea what his schedule is going to be.
Well, the work day approaches and I have plenty to do today including a trip to Casa Grande  - haven't been there in a while.

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