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I have been wanting to get some Australian Bottle Tree seeds for a while now. Well, actually I rather wanted a sapling, but - I just can't spend money right now. I am dumping money into electricity like a incinerator burning trash, it just disappears. It totally sucks, but right now, there is nothing I can do about it. If there are no tenants around, I turn the AC to a higher temp - like 5 degrees higher. I'll bring a fan out and aim it at my if I get warm, I don't really care that much. Take a cold shower. Whatever. But, there is pretty much always tenants around here. The ex Marine lost his job (due to his own lifestyle) and has no plans to work. Umm, lost the thought here - I bought some Australian Bottle Tree seeds on eBay for $4.99 today with free shipping. That came out of the refund from the bio-filter that eBay decided in my favor for the dispute I opened through eBay with the seller. Cheap and I am totally into this kind of thing. Plant some seeds…


Friday! Not only is it Friday, it is also our company's bi-annual inventory. Meaning everything is counted, all of it. I am exempt. All drivers in our company - for whatever reason - are exempt as well.

"Singapore sentenced a Swiss man to three strokes of a cane and five months in prison on Friday for spray-painting graffiti on a subway car."

I wonder what would happen to the crime rate in America in general if we did such things here? Remember the teenaged kid that was over there and got hit with the cane for vandalism?

Interesting stuff. The Obama administration, however and which is plastered all over the news every single day, is not interesting stuff to me. Maddening at times, yes, interesting, definitely not. How much damage to the economy, deficit and national debt will this guy inflict before he finally leaves office?

The weekend: dunno. I got off work yesterday, drove home in a hot car and I felt sick. I still haven't adjusted to the heat yet.…