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Stepped outside and started to cook. More like melt. Decided to no stick around out there too long and came back inside. Curiosity - I had to go back out and see if any more of the little Koi had died. I couldn't find any bodies, I saw about 4 of them moving around. The lone Koi I have in the other pond? Well, I can't just leave him in there alone so I'm going to try and catch one of the others and put one in there with him. I also had to run down to the store and get some stuff that helps with stress - those Koi were flown in 2 days ago from North Carolina.

The man said the water was hot when he got them and that over 100 of them were dead. Transported home and into his tank, then transported to my house and into my pond. Yeah, I'd say that calls for a bit of shock treatment, I should have thought of that yesterday, perhaps I wouldn't have lost the one Koi. I'm already preferring Koi over Goldfish because of the longevity of Koi - up to 75 years. Go…