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Arizona, Heat, Summer And Death

All of them go together here. Every year, people come here without a clue as to how to survive living in the AZ sun and heat, have heat strokes and die. Every year, kids are left unattended by swimming pools or find their way into the back yard, fall into the pool and drown. The massacre has begun.
A 2 year old was left in the back of a car after a family coming home in 2 separate vehicles from church on Sunday. One thought the other had the baby. Dad went out to go to the store, put the car in reverse and yes, saw his 2 year old baby slumped over in the back seat. Dead. Man is going to be charged with - I think they said involuntary homicide.

Today, the owner of a large chain of movie theatres in these parts left his dog in his car, outside of course, while he went in to watch a movie. Okay, the dog didn't die. He left the windows open and allegedly came out several times to make sure the dog was okay. But, somebody flagged down police and he was cited anyway. Sometim…


There are times when Monday comes rolling around - Monday morning that is - and I absolutely do not feel like getting out of bed, much less going to work. Today is definitely one of those mornings. I dunno if it is just because I have been doing it for decades, but something automatic within turns on and forces me to go through the motions without thinking about it. In my situation, not going to work is not an option. Calling in sick when you're not sick? I don't think I've ever done that once in my entire life. Not about to start now.

News: North Korea is going to bolster nuke capacity. Just what, exactly, are they going to do with nuclear weapons? Bomb South Korea? Won't that destroy the environment on both sides of the "border" between them? Just curious. They spout off rhetoric to anyone that will listen, which apparently is enough for the news to report about it.

Funny that the BP oil disaster is falling off the main headlines - yet, the …