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Another child has died in a pool drowning. I was writing about this yesterday and then, later on, I see that news. Unbelievable. Kid "somehow" got into the pool area, gets into the pool, dies. Again, every single year we go through this nonsense in this area. Lots of homes have pools in the back yards, replete with kids, some of them with very small children that don't know how to swim. Recipe for disaster. If I had small kids, I simply would not have a house with a pool. I don't have a pool anyway. They're a lot of work to keep clean and keep the ph levels balanced and keeping algae out of them.

Besides the fact I already have enough water being used on the property.

The pirates are at it again - well they never stopped, I should say they're back in the news again. This time, 19 sailors are captured on a chemical tanker ship carrying some sort of poisonous chemical used in making antifreeze. Nice. I'd like to see another raid of one of the…