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Process Service In Arizona

Quite amazing. My doorbell rings a little while ago, dogs go crazy. I can't see the person on my video surveillance - strange. Bad feeling - well - just a feeling, something isn't right. I walk up to about 10 feet from my gate.

Remember, I have no front door on my house. I have block fences with gates. I have a doorbell button out there. I have video surveillance, on the gate and another on the general area.

I ask who's there. My Catahoula is going crazy, I can't see anyone. Man finally appears - I removed one of the slats from my gate so that - shorter - people could reach through the gate to remove the lock. I can see the man through the slat.

Tim? Dunno any Tim, what do you want. "Well come here and see". I don't think so. I'm thinking go back in the house, get the gun, call 911. Paranoia? No. No-one comes to my house talking in such secretive tones or trying to get me to the gate. Then I think: process server. This is the ki…


"Who would give out free food this day and age", a question posed by a Craigslist dissenter of another CL'ers post. The lack of intellect that is showed all over Craigslist is appalling. The Dumb Mill grinds them out and apparently are hatched on Craigslist, is all I can think of. Yes, I wrote a dissenting post back to that person.

Well whatever. Iran is back in the news with their alleged hand-over of a sophisticated radar system to, of all places, Syria. Or course, Iran and Syria in bed with each other, whoda thought? The implications - well you will just have to read about it yourself on the news or see it on TV. Of course, both Iran and Syria deny that such a transferrence took place.

Meanwhile, "gobs" of oil have washed up on the coastline after Hurricane Alex hit land. Okay, okay, I'll try not to get start on this oil disaster - I think the people that held a day of prayer for that situation had it right: at this point, it's going to take Go…