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8 hours away from the beginning of a very long vacation. Or less. If there is nothing going on today, I will ask to leave early and start it even earlier. There is only one thing to do in our truck routing system and that's a pickup going to the main branch in downtown Phoenix.

Perusing the news this morning:
I still find it unbelievable that a person that has never been a judge is being considered for a spot on the Supreme Court. For that alone I hope Kagan is not put into that position.

More sanctions against Iran? "Tough new sanctions" as the news put it as Obama signs the - whatever - decree I guess. Meaningless, totally and absolutely meaningless. Iran's stupid president will get on some talk show somewhere around the world and spout off about it and brush it off. There will be no change from Iran. You want to get Iran's attention, go over there and bomb the nuke facilities - that's the ONLY way. I'm not into war, I'm not into the te…