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Pizza and I have a love hate affair: I love it, it hates me. Or, more specifically, it hates my system. I have not been able to eat more than one or 2 slices of pizza since in my early 20's. If I do, I'm toast. Eating that before bed - any amount - I won't be sleeping that night. It will just sit there, in my stomach, churning around and making me naseous.

Yesterday, my manager comes over - I was going to help him get some furniture from a house that a lady was selling out - and I do mean selling out - everything. She wasn't home yet to meet up and get the stuff, so he wanted to order pizza. I didn't want pizza because pizza and a diet have no correlation with each other. He insisted, so - we get the pizza. I eat 2 small slices and one larger one. We leave. In about an hour, I am feeling very - sick. My stomach is going crazy. I feel the urgent need to go to the bathroom. Here I am, carrying both light and heavy furniture items and this has to happ…