Sunday, July 4, 2010


I have absolutely no desire for day 3 of this moving business. Do I have a choice? Sure, I could say no, but I committed to it, so here we go again. Leaving in 20 minutes for our store in Chandler, meet up with the manager there, go to the place he is moving out of, back to his new apartment, lug that stuff upstairs.

As for invovlement, this is absolutely the last day of this for me. I am on vacation and would like enjoy it as such. I don't mind helping people out, just that 3 consecutive days of it is as much as I'm going to do. I'm hoping today is around 3 hours instead of the 6 and 5-1/2 it was yesterday and the day before.

Besides, I have a lot to do around here. A broken toilet seat, a bathroom door handle (the main bathroom) that won't lock, cleaning stuff, laundry - the list goes on. Also, my car's ac is not working and driving around in this heat is hardly my idea of fun. The high today expected to be 104 - which does make a difference versus the 112 it was 2 days ago.

I have had zero opportunity to get caught up on the latest news - something I like to do - well, to a small degree. Mostly negative junk, so I keep it to a minimum. A precursory glance at a news source reveals- the same old stuff. Figure there is going to be Independence Day stuff all over the place.

My new TV is jammin'. I love it. As I said yesterday, if I got nothing else out of this deal, that little gem right there is more than enough. Now I have a 32 inch tv that - I'm going to get rid of.

Time running out. Just jumping in here to make an entry. I've been going through all the food I got from yesterday and determining where to put it - need it now goes one place, need it later goes another. A good sized box of it is going to my food storage - I checked the dates on almost all of it, good for a minimum 2 years most of it. Plus, this lady threw in 5 bottles of VERY fine wine. Yummmmmmmm.

Try some of that later on, when I'm home and don't have to drive anywhere : )



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