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3 full days after today of staycation.
On the downside, definitely.
Down is in time, not a downer. Lol.
I came home today from a run. I went to the doc's office to get sleeping medication refilled: my scrip was not in that I had called in 3 days earlier. In typical benb fashion, well I had to almost make a scene out of it to get anything done. I HATE driving over there. I just do. When the person at the front told me, after much rigarmoroo (that I had to make a scene out of to get anything done), that "the nurse would call me", well, that was totally unacceptable.

WHAT, I asked, is the problem? I just had a physical, the doc said he was good with it - very good with it in fact, if the doc says it's okay, what is YOUR problem? This led to several individuals getting involved until one particular person took over, and I do mean she took over.

I did not further complicate the situation, whe was obviously a person in a position to get things done, I gave her t…