Thursday, July 8, 2010


3 full days after today of staycation.
On the downside, definitely.
Down is in time, not a downer. Lol.
I came home today from a run. I went to the doc's office to get sleeping medication refilled: my scrip was not in that I had called in 3 days earlier. In typical benb fashion, well I had to almost make a scene out of it to get anything done. I HATE driving over there. I just do. When the person at the front told me, after much rigarmoroo (that I had to make a scene out of to get anything done), that "the nurse would call me", well, that was totally unacceptable.

WHAT, I asked, is the problem? I just had a physical, the doc said he was good with it - very good with it in fact, if the doc says it's okay, what is YOUR problem? This led to several individuals getting involved until one particular person took over, and I do mean she took over.

I did not further complicate the situation, whe was obviously a person in a position to get things done, I gave her the limited information that she wanted and I went and sat down as she - firmly - requested. No problem with me - my commotion starting is over when I hear from someone that is going to get something done.

It was a solid 15 minutes, anyway. They have plenty of literature, I was reading away. Mr. BenB, please come up to the front. A very beautiful, if I do say so myself, woman in nursing attire was standing there. She apologetically explained that the prescription request I had placed fully 3 days earlier had not been transferred to them via whatever intermediary is supposed to do it, she had sent it over to the pharmacy.

Thank you, thank you very much, end of story. I went to their pharmacy: 6 people in line. I have waited in that line before, I decided to leave, taker her word for it that they have the prescription, already know it's 15 to 20 minute wait to fill it, headed to the bank. I was depositing my dad's check.
Thank you dad, yes. I always thank him, but, I don't mind making it public.
There was a man sitting the lobby talking very loudly on a cell phone, arguing with his wife or mate. Whatever the case, it was unbearable. Banks are not known for loudless, they are much like libraries, it's usually pretty quiet in those places. I was tempted to say something to this guy - take it outside, whatever - I bit my tongue, did the transaction and left.

Over to the Phoenix Ranch Market. They are shut down. Apparently for a long time. In fact, they are remodelling the entire strip mall. The market was gutted and there was a chain link fence around it. Time for an upgrade, oh well.

Over to the 99 cents store. I wanted some coasters, on my budget, 99 cent coasters are just as good at $10 a piece fancy coasters. Yup, they had 6 packs of them at 99 cents. Got a few other things and left.

Back to the pharmacy, prescription ready.

Over to Fry's Food Stores. Picked up a few things, left there as well.

When I finally arrived home, I was very surprised to see the ex-Marine standing in my kitchen, a money order for the full month's rent. Jubilation may have crossed my facial expression, I don't know, but I was ecstatic. He didn't make up excuses because of a vacation that he couldn't make rent, no, instead, he handed me that AND a cigar he acquired from Tampa (Florida, of course). Ohh, I can't tell you how it gladdened my heart that I wasn't getting screwed by yet another tenant. This month's money woes are over. I thanked him - sincerely but not too profusely, you must keep a bit of "air" about you in such things - I have learned - I am thankful for the things that come my way, whether owed, deserved or earned.

He left. But, shortly before he left, he declared that he must stay yet a little while longer. I'm not going to say I was surprised. His situation with his friend and their ability to take on a place - well, it isn't a forged in steel or written in stone contract. He WILL be receiving a lot of money from the government for his living expenses. His time in the Marines have paid off well and I don't besmurch him for that: those that risk their lives in our military should receive some recompense afterward for that time served.

I am a firm believer of that. They are paying his entire way through schooling, plus monthly living expenses. There are government subsidies - plenty of them - that should go by the wayside, this is not one of them. If the government were operating - the federal government that is - as it should, we wouldn't BE in the deficit chaos we are. Give to those who deserve it or truly need it, the rest of it - BUNK. Regardless, the school starts in a few more months and that's when his monthly stipends also kick in.

Yes, I am sighing some relief here. The rest of my staycation will be even that more the best with this worry out of my mind.

I was just outside, doing my usual thing: watering plants (okay, so I just turn on valves to do so, none-the-less, I WAS out there) in 112 degree heat. I had NO idea it was getting that hot today. Dogs followed me out there, wanted nothing to do with it but stuck by me anyway. No, I did not call them out there, I did not make jestures for them to come, they just do that. That's Great Danes for you, one of the most loyal dogs to be found on the earth.

When they were laying in the shade breathing heavily, I just motioned them to go inside. They wouldn't go. I went inside myself to get them out of this heat. It's too much for large dogs. Take that back: VERY large dogs. I don't want loyally DEAD dogs. It's great that they have that sense of loyalty, but to the exclusion of their own health, well - I am not going to just sit there and see that happen.

So, today is another great day of staycation. I have no regrets. It's been wonderful. I have REALLY been lazy - much more so than you would ever see me otherwise. I will start kicking into normal gear around Saturday. Sunday I will be working around the house, getting my mind ready for a week of work.


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