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Absolutely Appalling

I have done almost nothing for the last 7 or so days while on staycation. Sweep the kitchen daily, make sure trash is taken out, water the plants, take care of doggies and fishies, make sure someone is cleaning up the dog mess outside, stuff like that.

I replaced the toilet seat earlier this week. I had not actually cleaned that bathroom in a while. I sometimes do that to see if anyone will bother to break down and help me out. I left a note up some time ago asking for help in that bathroom, once one of the female tenants scrubbed it, but that was it.

I think it's 2 and a half weeks since I scrubbed out the tub. The only people using that tub/shower are tenants. It was gross. I greatly dislike soap buildup on the sides of the tub, this was nasty. Not just a buildup of soap, but dirt. As the title says, absolutely disgusting. I wouldn't take a shower in THAT if you paid me. MY shower stall is QUITE clean, it always is. How can you take a shower, in attempting to ge…


I'm calling this the final day of staycation. Sunday I will undoubtedly go into massive cleaning mode and it will be work, just like work - work - just not getting paid for it Well, okay, tomorrow is the last day, in reality, but - I have plenty to do around here.

Anyway, I dearly paid for staying out that late on Friday night. Yesterday, I was tired all day long. The outing was fun, but I have no plans to do that again anytime soon. I am definitely NOT a night owl anymore. At a younger age I could stay up all night AND get up early. Now? I go to bed early and get up early.

The 3rd and final tenant equation finally showed up yesterday. She has been staying at her mother's for over a week, I think now. Rent was past due since the 1st. Well, I was handed a bit of money and told a lot of reasons why this person couldn't pay and that - other things obviously took priority.

The priority that I always love - and have heard numerous times from tenants - is that they …