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More Free Fish

If winning $300 at the casino wasn't enough, I scored 4 more, VERY large goldfish this morning going into the afternoon.
A couple had posted on Craiglist giving away a few free goldfish and a few free koi fish.
I assumed it another foreclosed/short-saled home that someone had bought and was shutting down the ponds. I guess ponds with fish and plants in them don't appeal to everyone.

It was nothing of the sort. They had transformed their entire back yard into giant conundrum of ponds. 1 pond was very large and was a traditional, built into the ground, pond. Very nice with HUUUUUUUUGE fish in it. The rest of them were above ground swimming pools and sundry giant plastic containers. I am not dissing the people, but there was no landscaping, the ground was bare dirt.

They have made a business out of it and unbashedly said so. I thought they were going to try to talk me into buying fish - a thing I am not going to do right now - they weren't. They showed me around. A …


Got up at 7:00am, shave/shower/dress, out the door. Took Caleb to Albertson's where he gets to try his hand at his first day of work - an 8 hour shift. I asked him what time he went to bed - midnight! "I'm not used to going to bed early yet". I informed him after 8 hours of standing and moving and working, he'll be quite ready to go to bed much earlier : )

I hope it doesn't affect his job performance today - but - he got the job all on his own, he can deal with any consequences on his own. I have read about parents intervening in their kid's workplace - an unfathomable idea to me. Only if they were somehow abusing him - managers yelling/berating/threatening - I do not tolerate such from the workplace from anyone, I don't care what the title is, you can get your point acros without the yelling, without the threatening and definitely without the berating/humiliation - then they would have to deal with papa. Even then, only if he asked for such inte…