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More On Ponds

It was an interesting discussion with the man and lady at the house with the free fish the other day. Some of their information totally opposed information I had received elsewhere - elsewhere being people with their own ponds.

From talking to dozens of pond owners now - all of them people that have had ponds anywhere from 7 years to 20 plus years - I find no unilateral agreement on most things ponding.

Apparently, one is left to try this, that and the other thing and use whatever works for you. Probably, you invent your own things - as I have seen many of these people do to pass by having to shell out huge bucks for expensive equipment.

And yes, when you start talking a large pond, you are talking some serious money if you cannot find ways to bypass the purveyors of all things pond related. I don't see that the man and lady I visited yesterday, however, were able to bypass on some of the stuff. For example, he showed me his version of a UV sterilizer after I started talki…

Monday - End Of Vacation

It's always a somewhat strange thing to come back to work after you have been gone so long. Don't ask me why - even trepidation as to whether my key will still work in the lock......I am always the first one here.

What did I accomplish during that vacation? Well, nothing grand. $300 win at the casino; 4 very large goldfish for free (I gave a small donation just to help the folks out with the food they had to feed the things while they had these fish in their stock, they were given to them by a friend who wanted them to give them away); gave away around $40 worth of food; got some very interesting and troubling news and information from my middle brother (I simply cannot go into it on a public, open forum such as this that is available to anyone on the planet) - and the best part: MOSTLY NOTHING!!

But, I am ready to go back to work. I spent the weekend getting my head back into that "realm". I got up earlier than normal this morning for a - silly - reason I gues…