Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Always weird stuff in the news. There are 2 large dogs running around the Tempe area this morning, approaching people walking small dogs and - attacking and killing the dogs. 2 dead so far. Somebody's big dogs have gotten out, I am assuming, and apparently they have been raised to be very aggressive dogs.

Not a fan. Why? Dogs that are aggressive a huge liability to the owner. Something happens, bam, you get hit with a lawsuit, the dogs get put down, and who knows what else.

BP cap. Let's pray people that this one is going to work until they can get that thing plugged. That's all I can say about it, I'm sure BP is REALLY hoping this thing works as well.

I could go on with the news, such as the woman who lets her kid up for adoption, seeks him out 16 years later and ..... has SEX with him? That is as gross/disgusting/vile as it gets. I can't EVEN imagine having SEX with my OWN kid. I'm sure MOST people wouldn't even think about doing such a thing.

Anyway, ponds are my "thing" these days. I don't need any more ponds, I need to get my @$$ out there and start digging holes. Yes, easier said than done in 110 degree heat with 30% humidity. Oh pleeeeease spare me the "we have 99% humidity" stuff - you DON'T have 110 degrees to go along with it. It really is a moot point, I fully intend on getting out there and digging regardless of heat and humidity factors, in fact, I may just start today.

I did put the dying water hyacinth in to a 40 gallon container - there are about 8 different plants now from the original 3 I bought, they grow quickly and branch out from the main one - they are actually coming back to life. But, apparently one cannot have his cake and eat it too with these things, meaning many people cannot have them in their ponds because they simply die. Also, fish like to eat their roots. I actually think that was the problem in this case, the roots on them were MUCH smaller than when I originally put them in there. I'm thinking if I can nurse them back to health to rig something up so that the roots are not exposed to hungry fish.

Dunno why the fish are hungry, it's not like I don't feed them - 3 times a day as recommended by the manufacturer when it's hot outside.

Regardless, work day is here.

And I must get offa here.



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