Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm totally out of it. I almost slept through the night - a thing that hasn't occured in quite some time. Sounds good, right? Not. When I am sleeping that heavily and for that long, I wake up very groggy. And groggy I am. I cannot wake up - yet anyway - I've been up for an hour and 15 minutes and still feel like the alarm just went off.

It'll be a very long workday if this doesn't subside.

Show your kindergartener graphic, sexual detail and teach them about sex. I mean, really. Who are the bright minds that come up with this trash? I would just yank my kid from that school system - instantly. Or the idiots that wanted to give the same age grouping condoms. A condom to a 5 year old, what are they going to do with it, blow it up like a baloon? The more of this crap I see, the more I know: we're doomed.

Lol. Okay, not really. Yes, really on the sex ed for kids as young as kindergarten age, doomed not. Crazy stuff.

""The American people are saying to us: 'You're spending too much, you're running up too many debts, and we expect you to do something about it,'" said Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.""

Really? Did this information just come over the wire? Did we just find this out today? We're REALLY spending too much? And the GOP is proposing a 20 billion decrease in Obama's budget? How about a trillion dollar trim in it and then I will be impressed. They throw 20 billion around like it's chump change, give me a break. Political grandstanding at it's finest. It is PURELY a political move. EVERYTHING that is being done by either side, as far as I'm concerned, is fabricated out of purely political motivations, not because it's for the good of the people. Freaking JOKE we have for a House, Senate AND a President right now. The whole thing is a convoluted mess of individuals who care about nothing but their political careers.

I'll vote for none of them. If I were to consider myself anything at this point, it would have to be an independent. I don't like either party anymore, I want no affiliation with any of it. They're all selfish, greedy morons.

Enough of that. I spent so much time baking out in the sun yesterday that I had zero motivation to do any digging on the pond setup, a thing I really wanted to get started yesterday. I was out in the heat 4 separate times at work for extended periods and by the time I got home? Forget it. I got stuff done, but no digging. The expected high tomorrow and Friday? 116 degrees. That, my friends, is HOT. This summer will not be over soon enough. I figure we are at the crux of the hottest months of the summer. June, July and August - the month before and after is also warm or even hot, just not AS hot.

With that, the work day approaches and I need to get offa here.



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