Friday, July 16, 2010

Late Edition

Another one - I didn't finish it, really don't know WHAT happened, posting it anyway.

Number one, I am just as ecstatic as anyone else about the oil gusher being capped, but, I still refrain from becoming too optimistic. They have no idea whether that cap is going to hold or not. Oh, yet, let's hope it does, but after all the past failures, this thing could shoot right off of there and we would be back a square one.

There has, obviously, never been any REAL pre-planning or REAL technology devised to deal with this issue. They are engineering this stuff NOW, not decades ago when they SHOULD have started coming up with this kind of equipment. They aren't fooling anyone. Even if it is a fix that will hold until the well is plugged, the cleanup? How many years? Decades? How much more marine life will die? If their super boat thing that sucks up the oil and water from the ocean, spits out the water and keeps the oil - works, they need to build 20 more of them.

Of course, the real questions I haven't heard answered. Why didn't their failsafes work? Why did they ignore the warning signs that "something" wasn't right? On and on.

I came home from work to find my pond with the fishies in it warm. TOO warm, I'm surprised those fish were still alive, but I have been reading about goldfish. They are a VERY hearty fish - MUCH more so than Koi. Koi LOOK better, but - dunno. What I do know is that if I hadn't added those air pumping machines to aerate the water, I doubt any of them would have been alive when I came home from work today. The hotter it is, the more air fish take out of the water. There is all kinds of science to this stuff - reading about it you wonder if you're talking about keeping fish in a pond or building nuclear bombs. Okay, nothing quite near that kind of disparity, but there is definitely a lot of applied science to keeping fish in a pond that I am still learning about.

Electric use off the wall. I turned the thermostat to 81 degrees, up from 78. Daytime only, cooler at night. If tenants don't like it, they can either pay more - and I don't have a problem asking for that - or they can find a new place to live. Not to sound crass about it, I just can't afford $550 per month electric use. No, it is going to come down one way or the other - the only way I know of is to turn the thermostat to a bit warmer setting.


I "posted" this yesterday, but it ended up as a draft for some reason, posting it now.

Driving to work this morning, I'm thinking: WHAT is WRONG with this picture? The expected high today will be 116. That wasn't the problem, I KNOW it's going to be hot, I will stay inside as much as possible, drink a lot of ice cold water the time I am outside.

No, the problem: It's 5:30 am and it's 92 freaking degrees outside! The overnight low was 91!!

Michael's family, a thing I haven't discussed here for a while, is homeless again. I don't know why, but those people are always homeless in the worst, hottest part of summer. It has happened every year since they lost their home. Michael has plans on moving back "in" with them again when they get a new place. I'm not sure how they are going to get a place with no money to pay for it.

Don't get me wrong, I am not mocking these people - it's hell out there right now, it would totally suck to be living on the streets. Somehow they seem to manage to come up with the money to rent a hotel - not sure how that works. I do know that if you add up that kind of money for a couple of weeks, you have the money to pay for a whole month of a low-grade apartment. There are places that rent apartments for $399 per month with electricity included. I don't know how they do that - make money - with electricity included, but they have been doing it for years and years.

I think a big problem is that they want to stay in the area, for some unknown reason.

Meanwhile, as I thought would happen, the desperate pleas from people needing rent money, food, gas for their vehicles, this that and the other thing on Craigslist continue to pour in. I read them and wish I could help them. I can't. I helped one lady with her kids last week, that was the extent of it for a while for me. Yes, I won some money at the casino but that money is spoken for. Bills, mostly.

I'm concerned for my son - if they have him scheduled to work today, I want to ensure that he's going to take care of himself out there moving those shopping carts around in 116 degree heat. He will be out in it since he's working until 4 this afternoon, if he is, indeed, scheduled to work. I'll be calling him in a little while - water water water.

Another kid found dead in a hot car. 3 year old. The 911 tape was out already, the kid's mother has no clue where the kid is, the operater is instructing her to go check the pool - like twice. Check the whole house, in the course of this entire scenario, I never once hear the 911 operator tell her to go check vehicles. I would think that would be standard, modus operandi for the computer screen telling the operators to tell the people what to do. I mean, one of the FIRST things you do: check the pool, check the vehicles.

The tape ends with the arrival of the police, and still hadn't found the kid. They find him after the tape is over - body core temperature of 108 degrees. No, you can't survive getting that hot. A 2 year old killed last week - left in the car. I'll tell you right now, if I see a kid or a dog stuck inside a hot car, I'm busting the windows out of that car, letting the human or animal out, calling the police and the parent of the kid or the owner of the dog better not show up while I'm out there waiting for police, because I will be tempted to use whatever instrument on the windows - on their stupid head. I am NOT a violent man, but this has gone on far enough. People need to be held accountable for their STUPIDITY - some of these people KNOWINGLY leave living beings in the car.

Their excuse is that they are only going to be in the store for a short time. With windows rolled up, in direct sunlight, it only TAKES a short time for the interior of a car to heat up DRAMATICALLY. I hate to say it, but the justice system problably needs to make an example out of someone who has forgotten their kid in the car - charge them with whatever and send them to prison. I think that dad that left his kid in the car a few weeks ago was being charged with 2cd degree homocide.

I'm not really wanting to see a family further torn apart, but at the same time: HOW DO YOU LEAVE YOUR BABY IN A HOT CAR? HOW DO YOU JUST FORGET ABOUT HIM? I know I NEVER left my kid in the car during hot summers, not one single time did I just somehow "forget" about my kid.

Yes, this is really starting to bug me, seeing this stuff on the news. They either die in a hot car or get past pools gates and drown in pools. I still cannot imagine the torture a kid must go through in basically burning up on the inside until he's dead.

Whatever and sighing. Didn't even get to the news. Okay, well, 9 states are joining together to file a petition FOR the state of Arizona for the Immigration bill. Yes!!! Gee, the whole country really is NOT against this bill, as the news media attempts to make it appear by showing a handful of people - 100 or less - standing outside of a giant stadium protesting the Diamondbacks. Bud Selig is, so far, standing his ground against both fans and now even players stating they will boycott the All Star game if it is held in AZ next year.

You know, who the bleep cares about that All=Star game anyway? I never watch it. I heard on the news this morning that this year's All Star game? The lowest ratings EVER. EVER. Nobody cares that much about the thing. But, I'm sure it brings money to whosever economy where it is held.

Regardless,the work day has arrived. 2 more days of work including today and this work week is over. I'll be very glad when that happens, too. Ozone levels have been high and health alerts have been issued every day this week. My allergies are out of this world - sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, very poor feeling. They advise you to stay inside when they do the ozone warnings - bad for your heatlth apparently. Yes, well I drive a semi truck, I have no choice but to be outside. Oh well.



Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...