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Late Edition

Another one - I didn't finish it, really don't know WHAT happened, posting it anyway.

Number one, I am just as ecstatic as anyone else about the oil gusher being capped, but, I still refrain from becoming too optimistic. They have no idea whether that cap is going to hold or not. Oh, yet, let's hope it does, but after all the past failures, this thing could shoot right off of there and we would be back a square one.

There has, obviously, never been any REAL pre-planning or REAL technology devised to deal with this issue. They are engineering this stuff NOW, not decades ago when they SHOULD have started coming up with this kind of equipment. They aren't fooling anyone. Even if it is a fix that will hold until the well is plugged, the cleanup? How many years? Decades? How much more marine life will die? If their super boat thing that sucks up the oil and water from the ocean, spits out the water and keeps the oil - works, they need to build 20 more of them.



I "posted" this yesterday, but it ended up as a draft for some reason, posting it now.

Driving to work this morning, I'm thinking: WHAT is WRONG with this picture? The expected high today will be 116. That wasn't the problem, I KNOW it's going to be hot, I will stay inside as much as possible, drink a lot of ice cold water the time I am outside.

No, the problem: It's 5:30 am and it's 92 freaking degrees outside! The overnight low was 91!!

Michael's family, a thing I haven't discussed here for a while, is homeless again. I don't know why, but those people are always homeless in the worst, hottest part of summer. It has happened every year since they lost their home. Michael has plans on moving back "in" with them again when they get a new place. I'm not sure how they are going to get a place with no money to pay for it.

Don't get me wrong, I am not mocking these people - it's hell out there right now, it would total…