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A Conversation With Myself

I have complained about the heat long enough. I have been out in it working 5 days a week. I help my manager move 3 days in a row - in extreme heat, in direct sunlight. I have lived in this nonsense for decades now. I shouldn't be complaining. Yes, I am.

However, my excuses, I decided, are not enough to not dig those freaking holes for those ponds. Where do I get off complaining about heat? Okay, it IS hot here - this week saw 2 days of 115 degree highs. It was 109 out there today.

I'm not going to have unfinished projects around here simply because of my whining about how hot it is. START THE FRICKIN' PROJECT, WORK THROUGH IT AND GET IT DONE. Thank you. This was my conversation to myself today - if only in my head.

So, I put on my old boots, my straw, wide-brimmed hat, got a huge cup of ice water and went out there with pick and shovel and started in on this deal. 4 separate times I have been out there today. My modus operandi is to water the ground, dig o…