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Those goldfish sure do like to get it on!! I catch them all the time doing their form of sex. As soon as I walk out there they freak out and disappear at the bottom of the pond.

The 4 new fish are losing their fear of me - I feed them next to a chair I have set up out there and if they wanna eat, they have to come near me to get it. Apparently they are a little less skittish around me at this point - probably because they are hungry!! lol.

Caleb at work today. He said yesterday they were shorthanded and he was out there, in the heat, for 4 straight hours moving carts. Some woman left her 2 little doggies in her car. Another "bust out the window and call the police episode" - people are absolutely STUPID for leaving their animals in the car for even a few minutes. It is also against the law and they can face jail time and serious fines.

I'm cruising towards a $500 month - or even more - in electricity. I have set the thermostat so that's it's about 80 d…