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Long day.
I was at work at 4:30 am - signed in - working - got out of there, downtown, switched trailers, strapped load, back to east valley, unload at jobsite, back to downtown, switch trailers again, strap down new load, aroun to several vendors, day cashed.

Reading numerous sites about photo radar. Much of it is different authors saying the same thing. I am not going to fret it. I have my defense, it is enough to pass legal muster, even if it has to go to a higher court. My court date is 3:00 pm tomorrow afternoon. I hope to get off an hour early - get home, get nicely dressed, get my head into it - and get to court.

Well, I stopped writing this in favor of reading, reading, reading photo radar junk. In the midst of that, I also looked at news about BP and the feds at an alleged disagreement about whether to leave the cap as it is or install piping on it - going to a ship - to reduce the pressure.

Who knows? Then there's "lindsay lohan" - who cares, I most a…