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Well, that was interesting.
I got to court, checked in, another lady there for the same thing: defend a photo radar ticket.
She didn't have a clue.
I gave her some help - her citation had been "signed" by the computer.
We were out waiting and were called in.
The judge - actually not a judge, it was a hearing officer, was pleasant enough.
The redflex employee was sitting there as well.
However, this court was totally different than everything I have read about going to court to defend this type of ticket: the Justice of the Peace set it up so that a DPS officer MUST be in the court room giving the presentation. The Redflex employee is there as additional testimony.

Well, that would have blown my defense about the contract that Redflex has with the State being ended and the Redflex employee having no business representating the State because of it - right out of the water. I had plenty more, however, I wasn't worried.

Well, the DPS officer wasn't there…


Writing this one from home (morning). Our company sent out an email saying they were doing some sort of changes to internet access and that only IE 7 or less will work after those changes are implemented. I had my work computer using IE 8. Dunno where to get a copy of IE 7, probably could burn a CD I guess and take it into work.

Today is court day. I'm actually looking forward to it. The challenge gets the blood pumping. I have a good idea, now, what the rep from Redflex is going to say, they say the same thing at every hearing and if you know in advance what they are going to do, makes it much easier to prepare a defense. Defense - you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent in photo radar cases.

An aberration of the law, yes, but, it's there and unless someone challenges the constitutionality of it in the U.S. Supreme court, likely these cameras are never going away.

Anyway, just a short entry. I intentionally got up later and gave myself less time - just go…