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Tenants/Truck Drivers

Pretty much an on-going thing, but I am learned to read the "BS" that is coming out of people.
The female tenant that has been paying me weekly just lost her job.
She has gone to work late, she has gone to work after being out all night long - tired, she is screwing up, bad.
This is the one that is coming off of meth.
I will be observing her for signs of fresh meth use.
She was written up no too long ago for forgetting to put in an order. The customers had waited 45 minutes and then started complaining. She was written up after that for the tired stuff.

How do you expect to perform well at work if you've been out all night long?
There are more things, but the plain, simple, fact of the matter is that I am probably going to have to evict her and now? I am now waiting for weeks to "find out" if they are going to get a job anymore. I have bills to pay - very high electric use and water bills are always higher in the summer.

I cannot, in other words, aff…


Friday, at last.

I’m still just shaking my head about all this preparation for court and then, getting there and finding out the rep from the State of Arizona isn’t there, isn’t going to be there, therefore case dismissed. One person came out of the courtroom with an attorney. I’ll bet she’s reeling a bit about having to pay that lawyer for …….. nothing. Lol.

Well, anyway, it’s dark and overcast this morning. On the drive to work, they were talking about how it’s raining all over the place. They have BEEN saying that for days. Yes, well, in no place that I have been in the valley, including my home, have I seen a single drop of rain. I WISH it would rain at my house!! I think today’s high because of this weather is going to be low 100’s or high 90’s.

Neighborhood news:

Juice, the nickname for one of the black brothers that comes over to my house, had to go to court yesterday. He was riding another kid’s mini bike on the street a while back and crashed into a UPS truck…