Saturday, July 24, 2010


I haven't been to KCL in weeks, I just tried going there - several times actually - "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage".
Has it been shut down, is it a problem with my puter (though,I can access any other site I try), has my ip been blocked? Dunno.

I'm waiting for North Korea to shut up and back up their statements. Now, they are threatening nuclear war against the U.S. and South Korea if the military exercises occur in the South Sea. That's right, folks, they're going to drop nukes on - what - the ships out there? I'm sure they have at least a clue what would happen to them if they started using nukes on ANYONE.

Pretty much: annihilation. Certainly: all nuclear facilities being destroyed and possibly a takeover of the entire country (better idea than annihilation, since I personally doubt all those people living there in abstract poverty are in agreement with their government's stance, rhetoric and the fact that the sanctions ARE working, the government just doesn't want to admit it - yet).

The military exercises are going to occur whether NK likes it or not. Put up or shut up. This crap about SK being turned into a sea of flames?

Alright, enough of that. Meanwhile, "everyone" is still up in arms about the Immigrant Bill. No word yet on whether the judge will grant the temporary order to stop the law from being enforced starting Thursday. I haven't seen any polls yet that show anything different than a LANDSLIDE majority of Arizonans being FOR the bill. The liberal media showing people in tears because - they came here illegally, started a new life here, illegally, have had their entire families here, illegally, and now can't understand why we don't want them here - illegally. One lady, in thick accent, crying profusely about her repeated attempts since the 80's to become a legal citizen and her case has been closed.

Well, maybe go back to Mexico and try it the legal way. Or, wait until Obama gives all of you carte blanch citizenship. There is absolutely nothing in me that has one iota of sympathy for any of these people. If I wanted to move to another country, you can be rest assured that I would want to do the whole thing through whatever legal process I would have to go through, not just go there and hope I can somehow survive without being caught.

As bad as it is getting here with Obama and his idea that the bigger the government, the better, it still isn't near as bad as it is in MOST other nations around the world. Obama will not be in that office forever, hopefully whatever damages that have been done can be reversed. He wants to spend even MORE money. Apparently, he also wants to raise taxes. Well duhhh, you can't just spend trillions of dollars that don't exist and not have to somehow PAY for it.

Whatever the case, Saturday is here, I have done absolutely nothing and it's already 10:00AM. That will be changing shortly, I don't know what the expected high is today, hol'on, I"ll check: 104. Good. Not great, but FAR better than the 116 it got to last week. Yesterday, "only" $13 was used cooling this house - along with the rest of the electric usage - because the temps came way down. I can deal with $13 per day, I cannot deal with $20 per day.

Oh, well I'm going outside to work. I have grass to pull, more digging for the pond hole, all kinds of stuff going on out there. I also want to clean areas of the carpet that need it this weekend. Dogs need a bath, but I think I'll make one of the boys do that. Yes, I have an agenda and sitting here isn't getting it done, so, with that, adios!!!


Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...