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I haven't been to KCL in weeks, I just tried going there - several times actually - "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage".
Has it been shut down, is it a problem with my puter (though,I can access any other site I try), has my ip been blocked? Dunno.

I'm waiting for North Korea to shut up and back up their statements. Now, they are threatening nuclear war against the U.S. and South Korea if the military exercises occur in the South Sea. That's right, folks, they're going to drop nukes on - what - the ships out there? I'm sure they have at least a clue what would happen to them if they started using nukes on ANYONE.

Pretty much: annihilation. Certainly: all nuclear facilities being destroyed and possibly a takeover of the entire country (better idea than annihilation, since I personally doubt all those people living there in abstract poverty are in agreement with their government's stance, rhetoric and the fact that the sanctions ARE w…