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Look, folks, I am NOT the type of person to take delight in another man's disaster. I don't care if we had our differences, I feel very bad for Matt and Susan and all that they must be going through. I don't know if they lost their entire home or what, but I HAVE and I can tell you that going through that is right up there with going through divorce or a death in the family, it is THAT traumatic.

Someone left a comment on my blog yesterday saying something like "an act of God" took down KCL. I had no idea what they were referring to. The Bible plainly says "do not take joy in another man's calamity lest the same thing befall you". I believe that's the wording, anyway. I hope they didn't lose their entire home and I hope that they can get on with their lives in relatively short order.

Sunday mornings. I always love them - if - the boys are still sleeping and the tenants are either not here, or here and in their rooms. In other words, …