Sunday, July 25, 2010


Look, folks, I am NOT the type of person to take delight in another man's disaster. I don't care if we had our differences, I feel very bad for Matt and Susan and all that they must be going through. I don't know if they lost their entire home or what, but I HAVE and I can tell you that going through that is right up there with going through divorce or a death in the family, it is THAT traumatic.

Someone left a comment on my blog yesterday saying something like "an act of God" took down KCL. I had no idea what they were referring to. The Bible plainly says "do not take joy in another man's calamity lest the same thing befall you". I believe that's the wording, anyway. I hope they didn't lose their entire home and I hope that they can get on with their lives in relatively short order.

Sunday mornings. I always love them - if - the boys are still sleeping and the tenants are either not here, or here and in their rooms. In other words, sitting out here in my kitchen/living room area with some degree of privacy/solitude. And such I presently have and hope to for at least an hour or so. It's amazing what sitting here in peace and silence can do for the heart and soul. Even IF the boys come out, I have a long-standing Sunday morning rule: NO TV's on and if they are going to play video games, sound will be turned all the way down. I normally push that rule until noon. The point is that there is more to life than TV, video games and constant "background noise" going on. In fact, there is much to be said to being in an environment where, at least at times, there are NO noises and the constant buzzing is eliminated.

I admit that I am going pathetically slow on getting that pond hole dug. I dig some out, water it to help dig out the soil, then leave it. Come back to it later and so on. At that rate, it will be weeks before that single hole is dug. I can honestly say that I am good with that. As long as I am getting something done on it, no big deal. I was tearing my bedroom apart in between digging episodes yesterday cleaning it. It is about 2/3rd's done. I wanted to vacuum and then use the carpet cleaner on the carpet.

Yesterday, I sat out with the fish for about an hour, just sitting there, listening to the sound of the water, watching these giant fish swimming around. I can envision myself putting an air mattress out there in the fall and sleeping out there a few nights. Way too hot to do that now. One very nice thing about my property at this point is that there are virtually no mosquitos and no flies. The flies were getting to me - oh yes, they were. We got even more vigilant in cleaning up an keeping clean any dog dung out there and that was the course of action that virtually eliminated them from the property.

The trailer tenants, well, they are wishing they had double checked the address that that SS check was sent to, because, of course, getting the government to reissue a check is like telling the moon to go bounce off of Mars. More like talking to brick walls, really. Yes, it can be done, yes, there is a very LENGTHY process to getting it done, not my fault is all I can say. They want to get into their own apartment - badly. I don't blame them, but that trailer is better than homelessness.

The female tenant that lost her job left yesterday evening saying that she was going to ask family for help with rent. I did not even bring up the subject, but I did make it clear when she moved in here that I am not very tolerant at this point with late payers. I have been burned too many times. If you can't pay your rent, please find someplace to live - I assume she would have to move back in with her parents - free up the room and let me get someone else in there. It may not sound very compassionate, but it's the difference of keeping this house or not. When MY back is against the wall, rest assured I am going to do whatever needs to be done to rectify any situation.

I'm still waiting for these monsoon rains that are hitting the valley every day, just not hitting HERE. I am watering the plants bare minimum. They show signs of drooping, they get 15 minutes of drip watering. A couple of plants are good for showing me if they are not doing so well. I am not going to experience another water bill like last month's if I can at all help it. RAIN would GREATLY help.

Well, that's it. I started my Sunday cleaning rituals early - a stack of laundry that needs done. Kitchen floor.....on and on.

Have a great day!


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