Monday, July 26, 2010


My entries - for now anyway, will no longer be in the morning with the occasional afternoon addition. I have no access to my blog at work anymore. That, after 3-1/2 years. I was only getting on before work, before signing in, but, it has been blocked by my company.

Well, no big deal. I'm eating frozen Talapia - okay, sounds bad but it's really good, actually and was my price range. Yes, delicious.

Onto other things. This morning, my first delivery, these people at a construction site I was delivering to had no equipment to unload the one stick of pipe I had on my truck plus a pallet full of fittings.

That one stick of pipe weighed 360 pounds. Those 2 plus me - equals 120 pounds a piece, I can do that. However, their idea was to take off one end of the pipe and set it on the ground and then get the other end off. Okay. We lift the pipe, turn it, set it on the ground.

Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the pipe to be able to do anything about what happened next: it started sliding down the rail of the trailer. I would have jumped over there to save the truck from being hit, but, I couldn't and those guys? No idea. Was it amusing to see the pipe crashing into the battery box cover and destroying it, along with one of the batteries under neath it? They made no move whatsoever to stop it.

99% of unloads are customer unloads. I always help, yes, unless they either don't want my help, or need it or - they are being reckless. Loader operators that have no clue take the top of that list. NOT that all loader operators are reckless, but when I see one that is, I just back off, however, if the equipment is going to be damaged by that recklessness, then I do intervene.

Well, the battery is probably $200 and the cover is more than that.

I have been out twice this afternoon hacking with a pick and digging with a shovel a VERY stubborn area where I am digging out the pond hole. I found the reason why, too: a huge chunk of cement. NO idea how it got there, none of my doings, but it's a pain to see the least. I am digging around it and will get that sucker out of there.

LONG interlude. I have been out there hacking with the pick, digging with the shovel and hauling wheelbarrow loads of dirt from point A to point B. Sweating profusely. Felt good - heat be damned.



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