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My entries - for now anyway, will no longer be in the morning with the occasional afternoon addition. I have no access to my blog at work anymore. That, after 3-1/2 years. I was only getting on before work, before signing in, but, it has been blocked by my company.

Well, no big deal. I'm eating frozen Talapia - okay, sounds bad but it's really good, actually and was my price range. Yes, delicious.

Onto other things. This morning, my first delivery, these people at a construction site I was delivering to had no equipment to unload the one stick of pipe I had on my truck plus a pallet full of fittings.

That one stick of pipe weighed 360 pounds. Those 2 plus me - equals 120 pounds a piece, I can do that. However, their idea was to take off one end of the pipe and set it on the ground and then get the other end off. Okay. We lift the pipe, turn it, set it on the ground.

Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the pipe to be able to do anything about what happened…