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Thursday Is Coming.

Unless an injunction is set forth by the judge, the AZ Immigration law goes into effect Thursday. You cannot believe the hype and even declarations of civil disobedience that are coming from the - what amounts to in relativity - handful of opposers. That's because the supporters of this law - again - are in a LANDSLIDE majority.

More later. I lost an entire entry that I was writing, even the draft had nothing.

So, tomorrow, or more probably, Thursday.

I worked my @$$ off today. Besides all the driving and loading and unloading the truck, I had a finale of having to do a return. Doing returns in the direct sunlight in this heat and humidity? Yes, I can handle it, but, I ran out of water. Sweating like a running water faucet, that isn't good. I was starting to get a headache and not feeling well when I finally got it all done and drove out of there. First convenience store I saw? I stopped and got a bottle of water.

Drive home in a car with broken AC.

Get home. I pr…