Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1 Day To Arizona Immigration Armageddon

Now, there is an anti-immigration group that is demanding that Obama ensure that illegal “immigrants” – we used to call them illegal aliens (love that term far better) – are allowed peaceful, safe, DEPARTURE from the U.S.

Elton John – slams musicians that are boycotting Arizona by not coming here to perform concerts.

Arizona Tourism is UP, not down, even IF there are boycotts coming from all over the place.

Desperate anti-immigration law people are threatening civil disobedience.

Keep your eyes/ears tuned to the news, cause’ it should get interesting tomorrow, very interesting indeed. These people have marched and marched and marched out in this Arizona heat. Can I say there aren’t that many of them? I laugh just because of the waste of time it is for them to be out there in sweltering heat and high humidity, a toxic combination that undoubtedly kept emergency personnel busy handing out water and inserting IV’s to rehydrate people.

The judge has not ruled yet whether there will be an injunction, though, she certainly could at any time.

Look, I find this stuff to be at least mildly amusing. The fact that so many people are for this bill is one reason why. The other is simply that these folks continue to speak about racial profiling, yet, this law isn’t even in effect yet. How can they possibly know if there will be rampant racial profiling until after it is in full force and arrests start being made by using this law? They can’t. The loudest voices, sometimes anyway, are from those that are not here legally. Well of course you are against the law, you are a criminal, you broke the law by coming in here – illegally!

Yes, tomorrow should be very interesting and I hope the judge does not issue a temporary injunction.

Changing the subject, I walked out of my house this morning to be greeted by a few, fine droplets of rain. So small and so insignificant, it’s as if there wasn’t anything happening at all. This isn’t my idea of a monsoon. Let it RAIN!!!!

My diet is stuck around 195 to 196. I worked my butt off yesterday outside after work – well during work too, but after work intentionally to try and give this thing a kick start in the @$$. Dunno if it did any good and probably won’t look on the scale today to find out. I think I’ll try to get some good old fashioned shoveling labor another try after work today to give it a 2 day punch. In fact, several days in a row and then check the scale.

Well, work day is here and I must get signed in and get started on the day.


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