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1 Day To Arizona Immigration Armageddon

Now, there is an anti-immigration group that is demanding that Obama ensure that illegal “immigrants” – we used to call them illegal aliens (love that term far better) – are allowed peaceful, safe, DEPARTURE from the U.S.

Elton John – slams musicians that are boycotting Arizona by not coming here to perform concerts.

Arizona Tourism is UP, not down, even IF there are boycotts coming from all over the place.

Desperate anti-immigration law people are threatening civil disobedience.

Keep your eyes/ears tuned to the news, cause’ it should get interesting tomorrow, very interesting indeed. These people have marched and marched and marched out in this Arizona heat. Can I say there aren’t that many of them? I laugh just because of the waste of time it is for them to be out there in sweltering heat and high humidity, a toxic combination that undoubtedly kept emergency personnel busy handing out water and inserting IV’s to rehydrate people.

The judge …