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Pond Trouble

It rained last night. It dawned on me today that I had left the property without checking the ponds. I do that every morning to make sure the pumps are on and the water is being aerated.
I spaced it out because I was checking out the ground to see if it was saturated - would I need to water plants today or not? NO, was the definitive answer.

Not checking the ponds this morning? BIG mistake. I'm guessing those pumps were off since early last night. Trailer tenants said it started raining shortly after I brought the dogs in for the last time last night, which was right before I went to bed - which - was at 8:30 pm.

The point is that the pumps are running on a GFCI circuit - the outlet has it's own circuit breaker which will shut off electricity to whatever right then and there if something is wrong, compared to having to have much more disruption and possibly, yes, even fire, if it has to wait for the main circuit breaker to shut it off.

Well, a little rain will in one of…


If FINALLY rained over my house last night. I didn't hear it - I wear ear plugs and have a large fan near my head to help me sleep. The ground looked saturated. I put off water plants for another 2 days simply because I was hoping it would rain - the water is free, thank you very much. MORE rain would be welcomed.

Key portions of the Arizona Immigration Law were struck down, but, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is still all over one particular portion of it where it says it's illegal to pick up day laborers from the side of the street. Yes, portions of the law WERE let through, in fact, in reading one portion of it, I'm wondering if the judge actually created a loophole. I'll wait and see what the experts have to say about it before I comment further on it. The portions that were denied are, of course, going to the appeals court.

The judge claimed that the law places and undue burden on the federal government. In other words, the federal government's mandate to secure our bord…