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A short entry.
I'm headed out soon for the Koi - foot longers - another pond being shut down. 2 of them. Fortunately, pond fish food is cheap. A huge can of it for $5 that lasts - well about 3 weeks now.

It rained again last night : ) I could do that every day and I wouldn't complain. It SHOULD do that everyday that the humidity is ridiculous out there. After getting the fish today, I intend on going out there and pulling grass and any weeds I might find. The expected high today is supposed to be in the low 90's.

I can't imagine what the humidity must be, but I'll take low 90's with humidity over 115 and no humidity ANY day of the week. My AC system loves it too. $13 used yesterday, compared to $20 on those days when it was 115.

I have been "barely" watering anything/everything for the last several weeks in hopes that the rains would come, drench the ground and I wouldn't have to spend hardly anything on watering plants this month. …