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First day of August (and rent is due, lol).  Electric use last month at an all time high of: $503.02.  I could rent a dive 2-bedroom apartment with utilities included for that much money.  No, I'm not moving into any apartment, not if I can help it.  You can't have Great Danes, but, you can have a pond at some of those places if they allow you to have "stuff" on your front porch.

I only know this because one lady has such a setup - a preformed pond sitting out in front of her apartment, fish and plants and all.

Oh, well one tenant has paid, the Army reservist I am expecting to pay - there is no reason why she couldn't or wouldn't that I know of since she has a job - the tenant that just lost her job?  Went on vacation.  Someone brought up a good point yesterday: this woman is going on vacation when she should be looking for a job.  Allegedly it's an all expenses paid excursion, that isn't the point.  The point is that she is behind in rent.  She is u…